Sunday, October 10, 2010

Club Dead By Charlaine Harris

****************Contains Spoilers**************************

Book 3 of the Sookie Stackhouse series is Club Dead.  I like this book a lot because there was more, of what I call, “Sookie Independence”. 
In the beginning, Bill and Sookie are still in a relationship but they have become “comfortable” in their relationship.  Bill has not been spending much time with Sookie because he has been working on a project for the Queen of Louisiana.  Bill leaves for a business trip and heads to Seattle.  Well He tells Sookie that is where he is heading.  Bubba (who I think is the most loyal of all the vampires) stays to protect Sookie.  It takes no time for Eric to show up at her door.  This time he comes bearing bad news and tells her that Bill was not in Seattle but in Jackson, Mississippi.  Now he is missing and no one knows where he is. 
So, Sookie heads off to Jackson to save Bill.  (Why is the human always saving the vampires and not the other way around)?  She could not just take off to Jackson and find Bill with no help.  So, Eric was able to set her up with a werewolf, Alicide Herveaux.  (I liked him right away and I think Sookie did too).   So, off to Jackson they go. 
The club they head is Club Dead.  The Weres but to everyone else it is Josephine’s.  Of course Eric was not too far away.  It is soon that Sookie figures out that Bill was leaving her for a woman that Bill was with before many years ago, named Lorena.  Even thought Sookie knew all this she still went on and search for Bill, even though now she was having mixed feeling about Eric and Alicide.  (Poor Sookie)
However, Eric and Bubba were able to help Sookie find Bill.  Sookie got to stake Lorena, because Lorena was the one who tricked Bill.  Nonetheless, Sookie was able to free Bill.  But, it was Eric that drove Sookie home to Bon Temps.  Of course, Sookie is never drama free, but Eric and Bill were able to clean up that mess.

Next book is Dead to the World.

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