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Book Review: Where It All Lands by Jennie Wexler



A Sliding Doors -Esque novel reveals how our choices define us and how love can find its way no matter the road.

Stevie Rosenstein has never made a true friend. Never fallen in love. Moved from city to city by her father’s unrelenting job, it’s too hard to care for someone. Trust in anything. The pain of leaving always hurts too much. But she’ll soon learn to trust, to love.


Drew and Shane have been best friends through everything. The painful death of Shane's dad. The bitter separation of Drew's parents. Through sleepaway camps and family heartache, basketball games, and immeasurable loss, they've always been there for each other.

When Stevie meets Drew and Shane, life should go on as normal.

But a simple coin toss alters the course of their year in profound and unexpected ways.

Told in dual timelines, debut author Jennie Wexler delivers a heartbreaking and hopeful novel about missed opportunities, second chances, and all the paths that lead us to where we are


Drew, a popular boy at school, and Shane, a quieter and a music prodigy, have been best friends for years. Stevie, the new girl in school, has trouble connecting with friends due to consent moving high schools due to her father’s coaching career. But she meets up with the two boys and they all connect over their love of music.

Both of the boys find themselves crushing on Stevie, and instead of fighting over her and ruining their friendship, they allow fate to make the decision on who will date her…by flipping a coin.

The story is told in a parallel timeline, almost like two stories with Stevie possibly dating each boy. Stevie and her relationship with Drew in the first half of the book and Shane in the second half. It plays out showing us that just one change can alter things tremendously. Seeing both sides of the story was interesting and kept you reading, the characters felt real and their emotions played well into the story.

The one thing I really disliked about the story was the instalove of the boys and Stevie. I really feel a relationship should grow, but this did not happen here. One of my favorite things about the book was the music of course, which plays a big part in the story.

There were triggering points in the book…infidelity, divorce, death of a character, etc. so if those bother you, take heed, they are in the story.

Where It All Lands is Jennie Wexler’s debut book and will certainly make you think. It is about first love, second chances, and friendship. If you take anything from this story, let it be that the choices we make matter in so many lives, so make good ones.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Tuned In Thursdays featuring the new single " Empire Builder " by Typhoon

 As a former music blog owner, I needed at least a week to post some music, because even bookish people love music right? So starting today, every Thursday I will highlight a new single by a band you may or may not have heard before. 

For my first post, I am featuring Typhoon. The band hails from Portland and has just released their lead single and video for " Empire Builder " from their 5th studio album titled Sympathetic Magic, which came out back in January via Roll Call Records.

The video is an animated train trip across the states and through the mind and was created by Casey Jarman.

Frontman Kyle Horton had this to say about the video:

“Casey Jarman is a true mensch and deserves every good thing coming to him. We met in 2006 after he wrote what I'm pretty sure was the first article about Typhoon to appear in a reputable publication.  In the intervening years, he has become the best friend/critic/cheerleader / big brother figure a band could ask for.  Yes, he is a great writer, a gifted performer, and now a damn fine animator, but he is really one thing - a good, intelligent person with a kind and curious mind.  Everything else just flows from that.”    
You should really watch this video.  Like the song, it's a train trip across America and through the mind.  It also took Casey, like, a hundred hours to make and it only takes you four minutes to watch."

Watch the video for Empire Builder below:


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Blog Tour: Gutter Girl by Lynn Rush and Kelly Anne Blount

 Today is the day, Our stop on the Gutter Girl by Lynn Rush and Kelly Ann Blount blog tour.
I know both Flo and I can't wait to read this and review it for you....but until then here is an excerpt for you...

The drive to the mall only took about fifteen minutes, and by the time I clocked in for work,
I’d run through every scenario I could dream up as to why I’d helped Jace like I had. Each time I
came to the same conclusions… One, he’d needed my help, bigtime. Two, okay, so maybe I’d
had a little crush on him since third grade. He was one of the only people at school who never
called me Goth Girl. Three, I’d probably made the biggest mistake of my life helping him.
I wiped down the counter beside the register as I looked out over the food court area. The
Hot Dog Shack was in a prime spot to see most of the other food vendors. There was a sea of
picnic tables scattered throughout the massive opening that lay before us, but off to the right,
there were a few more private tables for employees of the vendor area to hang out at for breaks.
For some reason, the mall was super dead right now. I suppose all the students lucky enough
to be able to do after-school activities were busy doing that. In a couple hours, it’d probably pick
Since Ernie wasn’t here yet and I was waiting for the next food rush, I grabbed my phone and
looked up Jace’s profile on Scribbles again.
I shook my head and read over the messages that Jace’s fans had left him. They were intense.
Loads of people begged him to update his book, others sent him fan art of his characters, and
there was an entire hashtag dedicated to getting him to the next level:
I never would have guessed that about Jace. First, he was a star athlete on the football team,
but he wasn’t an asshole jock like most, even though today he wasn’t the nicest when getting his
notebook back. Second, he was uber-famous on this Scribbles site, and still, he was so humble.
That deserved some respect right there.
Two elderly people with white hair and matching maroon jogging suits approached the cash
“Welcome to The Sword Shack, I mean, er, The Hot Dog Shack, what can I get started for
you today?” Sword Shack, really? I really had lost my mind, hadn’t I?
After I punched in their order and they shifted to the pick-up area, I got out the sanitizer
spray and wiped down the counters while Derrick, our hot dog chef extraordinaire, worked on
their food. I usually cleaned as soon as I got to work, but the whole Jace situation had left me
“Order’s up,” Derrick shouted.
I forced a smile. “No need to yell. I’m right here.”
He shrugged and started scraping the grill down with a brush.
“Here you are. Have a great day,” I said as I set the tray of food down on the counter under
the Order Pick Up sign.
The couple smiled and thanked me.
They looked so normal and happy. My heart pinged and it suddenly felt like I was breathing
water instead of air.
What would it be like to have them for parents, or even grandparents?

My train wreck of a homelife often left me contemplating this exact question. I didn’t have
the luxury of a mom and dad who loved each other, who made sure everyone sat together for
dinner every night, or hell, just managed to keep the lights on at home.
I can’t wait until I graduate in May and I can get the hell out of dodge!
I already had an internship set up at the Winters Players Theatre. I’d work my ass off for a
year there and then hopefully learn enough from everyone to join the acting troupe the year after
“Hey, what the heck is going on?”
I looked up and came face-to-face with Ernie.
His plump cheeks were slightly red and his glasses had slid down his nose.
“What do you mean?” I threw the rag I’d used to clean the counter into a red bucket under
the cash register.
“Why are you telling people you’re WriteEmHard on Scribbles?”

Star football player Jace Rovers has a secret. And not just any secret—a shocking secret… He writes romance. The kind with swords. And dresses. And kissing. 


Nobody knows. Not the other kids at Twin River High. Not his overbearing parents. And certainly not the millions of fans who’ve read his book on the writing platform Scribbles. And that’s the way he plans to keep it.


Except suddenly one of the other football players grabs his notebook in jest and starts reading a kissing scene out loud…and Jace knows he’s busted.


But then McKenna Storm, resident goth girl who avoids the spotlight like a virus, snatches up the notebook and tells everyone she's the author. And lucky for Jace, she later agrees to continue the ruse...for a price.


Heck, he'd give her anything not to reveal his secret. But when they start to fall for each other, he knows he'll have to keep the biggest secret of all—his darkest character is based on her…

Gutter Girl by Lynn Rush and Kelly Anne Blount

Publication Date:  May 10, 2021

Publisher:  Entangled Teen


New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author, Lynn Rush, is a full-time writer, wife, and trail runner living in the Sonoran Desert, despite her fear of rattlesnakes. Known as #TheRunningWriter, Lynn can’t resist posting epic sunrise pictures while running in the desert with her trail sisters, even if she has to occasionally hop a scorpion.

When she’s not running or writing, she’s watching movies that fuel her everlasting love of superheroes, vampires, and all things Supernatural. The books she reads usually carry the same theme, but this former college athlete loves reading sweet sports romances as well. She’s madly in love with her Ironman husband of 20+ years who is the inspiration for what true love is. You can find her on social media as @LynnRushWrites

KELLY ANNE BLOUNT is a USA Today bestselling author of young adult novels. When she’s not writing, she’s probably lost in a book, watching Twilight, snuggling her five furry rescues, or having an adventure with her handsome husband and their darling daughter. After living in a palace in Scotland, across from the Caribbean Sea, and in the snowy land of Wisconsin, Kelly and her family reside in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. Kelly loves connecting with readers on social media! Stop by and say, “Hi!” or ask a question. You can find her everywhere @KellyAnneBlount.

Thursday, May 6, 2021


How gorgeous is this cover for Curse Shadows By A. K. Wilder

Get lost in the adventure and fantasy of the Amassa series, which SLJ called “a magical, enthralling world that keeps

readers engaged from the first page,” perfect for fans of Shadow and Bone or The Bone Witch. Secrets will be revealed

and choices will be made as Ash, Marcus, and Kaylin race to raise their phantoms and save the world.

Curse of Shadows (Amassia #2) by A.K. Wilder

Publication Date: January 4, 2022

Publisher: Entangled Teen


A.K. Wilder is a bestselling speculative fiction author with nine published novels in Australia. Originally from
California, she lives on the far eastern coast of Australia with a house full of kids and one extraordinary spotted
cat. Her favorite pastimes, besides daydreaming, include meditation, yoga, organic gardening, and weight
training. Her novel writing is done in the early hours of the morning.



In the virtual utopia of the Simulation, everyone will live peacefully and without fear or needs—at least that’s how they’re selling it. But the government plans to use this program to take control of the entire human race. Elisha Dewitt has just been given her first mission to help prevent this, and she’s ready to prove she can go incognito just as well as any other master thief.


Oh, my goodness I love this cover so much! Incognito is about a secret society of teenage thieves who

happen to love old movies. It’s full of action, suspense, intrigue—and romance! When I was asked for

cover ideas, I gave the opening credits of Catch Me If You Can as inspiration and mentioned I’d love to

see something in Saul Bass’s style. I was hoping the cover would have Alfred Hitchcock vibes while still

being modern, something mid-century Hollywood meets the future, and I think the cover artist totally


Katie never knew she was a writer. Her childhood obsessions centered on old movies, costumes, fashion, playing dress-up, and books. Lots of books. On her quest to play make-believe for a living she decided she wanted to be a fashion designer and after satisfying her practical parents by graduating from UCLA with a BA in Communication Studies she went on to pursue her design dreams with a Professional Designation in Fashion Design from FIDM. She spent five years helping to design romantic dresses that were sold everywhere from Anthropologie to Nordstrom before the economic downturn led to a career shift and that practical degree came in handy. Now in charge of the e-commerce business for In Bloom Lingerie, she was asked to start the company blog. Not knowing what to say about lingerie but needing to use bridal keywords, she decided to start a fictional serial about how a girl named Olivia Bloom, who worked for In Bloom Lingerie, became engaged. And that is when Katie fell in love with storytelling and the path to make-believe became clear. She has not looked back since. Katie lives in Los Angeles with her husband.


Website | Facebook | Twitter

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Book Review: Anatomy Of Desire by L. R. Dorn


Claire Griffith seems to have it all, a thriving career, a gorgeous, successful boyfriend, a glamorous circle of friends. She always knew she was destined for more than the life her deeply conservative parents preached to her. Arriving in Los Angeles as a flat broke teenager, she has risen to become a popular fitness coach and social media influencer. Having rebranded herself as Cleo Ray, she stands on the threshold of achieving her most cherished dreams.

One summer day, Cleo and a young woman named Beck Alden set off in a canoe on a quiet, picture-perfect mountain lake. An hour later, Beck is found dead in the water, her face cut and bruised, and Cleo is missing. Authorities suspect foul play and news about Cleo’s involvement goes viral. Who was Beck and what was the nature of her and Cleo’s relationship? Was Beck an infatuated follower who took things too far? If Cleo is innocent, why did she run? Was it an accident? Or was it murder?

As evidence of Cleo’s secret life surfaces, the world begins to see just how hard she strived to get to the top— and how fast and far the fall is from celebrity to infamy.

L. R. Dorn’s reimagining of Theodore Dreiser’s novel told in the form of a true-crime docuseries a la Serial and The Jinx—with characters speaking through the “transcripts” of recorded interviews—The Anatomy of Desire exposes the ambition, sexual passion, and dark side of success that readers will find as achingly poignant as they did a century ago


Anatomy of Desire is the debut novel by L.R. Dorn, which is the moniker of husband and wife writing team Matt Dorff and Suzanna Dunn. It is a thriller that will keep you turning the pages right from the beginning and takes on the world of social media influencers.

The key players in Anatomy of Desire include Cleo Ray, an up and coming fitness influencer

Beck Alden a hair and makeup artist in LA

Sandy Finch one of the most popular and influential influencers in social media

Cleo Ray seems to have it all, living the best life in LA.  An up-and-coming fitness influencer she has over some a bad past, that she is hiding from everyone. Things begin to change with the tragic death of Beck Alden, and her life quickly begins to crumble.

Each of the main characters written well, they are rich in character and show the struggle of being an influencer and their desire to gain more and more likes, and followers so they will be offered more money from sponsors.  ( Meanwhile here I am just wanting 10K so I can get that coveted swipe up feature on Instagram ) . The book also touched on the whole cancel culture, showing how quickly a person in that area of influence can be dropped to nothing if scandal hits them.

The entire book was written as if you were reading either a TV script or court documents ( think Daisy Jones ), this makes it a quick and easy read, but there were times I felt there needed to be a bit of filler in between to help along with the story.

The writing format does do a great job of building the story perfectly, moving us through murder, love, deception, affairs, and the fall of celebrity. What more could you possibly want in a thriller?

Anatomy of Desire, a modern take on An American Tragedy, has great courtroom drama and mystery, you def will keep reading to see how it all plays out, but the book is also thought-provoking, making it a great thriller read.