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Ally Condie REACHED Tour

For those of you who don't know, I am a HUGE Matched trilogy fan. So much so that I am actually on staff at a fansite for the series: The Matched Department. So when I found out that my favorite local bookstore Books and Books was hosting her as part of her tour for Reached -- the last book in the Matched trilogy that was released this month -- I was SUPER EXCITED.

Ally did not disappoint! She talked for a few minutes about the question she gets the most often: "Where did you get the idea for Matched?" and then she opened up the floor to questions. There were a lot of good questions asked, and I walked away feeling like I knew much more about Ally as a person. (To see what some of the questions were, check out my post over at The Matched Department.)

Book signing, pictures and swag ended the evening! I got the chance to catch up with Isalys and Vanessa from Book Soulmates while we were in line, so that was an added bonus. (Also, the fact that I wasn't driving through a tropical storm was a bonus.)

I really felt like I got to know Ally much more through the questions that she answered and also through talking with her one-on-one at the end. She is every bit as sweet as I thought she was, and that is just a really great thing to discover about someone.

So, about that swag...

It's nifty trilogy buttons! You want? Comment on this post and I'll randomly select someone to send them to.

BLOG TOUR: Enlightened (The Light Tamer #2) by Devyn Dawson AND GIVEAWAY

I think I almost broke my arm getting to my laptop the moment I heard about this blog tour.  I wanted to be a part of it so badly.  I read Light Tamer in the matter of a day and a half and LOVED IT!  When I finished I couldn't wait for book 2.

Book Blurb:

Jessie Lucente, a Light Tamer, has started her junior year at Parca Academy in New Bern, NC. She has a new boyfriend, Caleb Baldwin. He is beyond good looking, he is her mate for life. They've been bound by the light and will rule and heal with it too. Her new classes aren't what she expected. Finding out the school is filled with 'gifted' kids is almost too much to comprehend. She finds out what it really means to be a Light Tamer. Some of the assumptions she had are debunked and now everything is crystal clear...well, clear as mud. Now that she is enlightened with the facts, she struggles with the truth. 

Thorne Woodson has all of the girls swooning. His Doc Martens and hoodie stand out against his school uniform. He might be the guy to heal Amber's broken, grieving heart. What's his story, and why does he appear everywhere Jessie is? He has a secret that will change the game for everyone. Who is he in cahoots with? 

Amber starts her junior year with a bang and a huge crush. She has a point to prove on the first day of school. She refuses to let everyone believe she went soft over summer break. Her shenanigans end with detention on the first day. The anniversary of her brother's death has her making dumb decisions but her friends have her back. Jessie will struggle to help Amber deal with the grief. 

The secrets that have been revealed by Fate will leave Jessie in a new role. It will all come down to bloodline versus logic. She must step up and embrace her new title, and life on the other side of the shimmer. With her small army together, they promise to vanquish Nyx back to the Underworld and seal the portal she came through. 

The second book in The Light Tamer trilogy will answer the questions that are burning in your head. A beautiful tale of first love and friendship. Be prepared to be amazed at the twist in this story. You didn't see it coming, but you'll be glad it did!


Well Devyn Dawson just took this book and blew me out of the water!  She is knows how to keep this Book Nerd wanting more!

Best part of the book: HELLO THORNE!! I think there is a new fictional boyfriend in my life! Don't get me wrong I still love Caleb and I think him and Jessie are perfect together.  But, here walks in bad boy Thorne and I am swooning like a fool for him!  The other thing that I love about this book is how Devyn Dawson can leave you guessing.  There is twist in this story that I didn't see coming and I loved it! Of course, we cannot forget Amber! That little girl cracks me up! I am so glad that she is in the story because some of the things that she says just cracks me up!

Not so great about the book: *hangs head* oh Devyn Dawson why do you love the cliffhangers so much? Just when I thought the story was getting good and then *BAM* she just leaves you wanting more!  Now I have to count the days down to Book 3!!

Now, don't forget to enter the BIG Giveaway!  ENTER HERE: a Rafflecopter giveaway

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COVER REVEAL: Hector by Elizabeth Reyes


"I write because I must. It's not a choice or a pastime, it's an unyielding calling and my passion."
~Elizabeth Reyes~

Blood Lust by Jessica Gibson

Goodreads description:

Ronan has lived for hundreds of years. In all of his years there has only been one for him. What will he risk to get back what is his by right?

This is a short story and is the prequel to Love and Blood, book 1 in the Blood Ties series due out in January 2013


First, I want to thank Jessica Gibson for giving me this amazing prequel!

This short story is short and GREAT! All I read need to say is Vampires, blood, lust, fighting, hot vampire-guy and beautiful vampire-girl!

Ronan is over 500 years old and a vampire.  He is searching for someone.  Bronwyn is his true love.  As he searches for her, there is a trail of blood and violence along the way.

Jessica definitely leaves you wanting more! I cannot wait for January 2013 for Book 1.

You can purchase Blood Lust here --->>>Blood Lust (Blood Ties)

The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkins

The Evolution resumes where The Unbecoming left off.  There was an incident that occurred at the end of the first book, which results in yet another hospital admission for Mara.  The medical staff would like to send her to a Residential Treatment Center, but her parents want to give outpatient treatment one last try.  I was very excited about this because it keeps my favorite character, Noah Shaw, in the picture. 

On Mara's first day at Horizons outpatient program she discovers that her friend from Croyden, Jamie, is also receiving treatment there.  This is one of the few bright spots about this facility.  There are a few VERY crazy characters...Phoebe being the most disturbing...who enter the scene and wreak havoc on Mara's well-being while at the facility.

Jude is a perpetual problem once again throughout this book.  The readers are left guessing whether or not Jude really exists or if it is all related to Mara's apparent "condition."  We quickly learn that Mara and Noah may have issues, but they certainly are not crazy.  They continue to discover more about their abilities and we learn just how misunderstood they are.  They are well aware that telling the truth sounds crazy, but it IS the truth.  Everyone is just too short sighted to even consider the fact that it could be real and the stakes are escalating.    

Towards the end of the book I REALLY felt sorry for Noah and Mara.  I think they could have a somewhat normal relationship if these outside factors were not in existence.  I do not want to give away any spoilers, so I will simply say that I loved EVERYTHING about this book.  The way Noah understands and believes Mara and how she begins to see through his protective shell was the highlight of this book for me.  There is also one exceptional date night, which I can only hope there will be more of in The Retribution of Mara Dyer. 

The final installment in the series is scheduled to be release next fall.  I just hope that Noah and Mara will get the last laugh when this series is all said and done.  They have been through SO much and deserve a happily ever after.

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

I decided to post my review of The Truth About Forever, even though Flo has already reviewed it, because our opinions are DRASTICALLY different.

This story is about a high school girl named Macy and her mother, who are still struggling with the sudden death of Macy's father, which occurred a year and a half prior to the start of the book.  Instead of living their lives, they have established a routine.  Both her mother and her boyfriend Jason are control freaks.  They want everything in their lives to be perfect.  For her mother, it is a defense mechanism.  Rather than deal with her feelings of loss she has thrown herself into her work and expects nothing short of perfection from both herself and her daughter.

We learn throughout this book that perfection is not necessarily desirable.  Once Macy meets a team of caterers (Delia, Bert, Wes, Monica, and Kristy) and starts working for them, she sees what has been missing from her life since her father's death.  She finally develops true friendships and begins to live her life on her own terms.  Catering is a very chaotic business and she soon thrives in dealing with the unexpected.

One night, Wes and Macy begin a game of truth.  It is like truth or dare, but there are no dares.  They ask each other questions and the only rule is that they must tell the truth.  The game continues whenever they are together and they become very close friends.  They learn that they have far more in common with one another than Macy first thought.  They are both in relationships that are sort of on hold, so there isn't any pressure on their relationship.  Macy feels that they are just really good friends, but she eventually can't deny that her feelings for him are more than that, but is it too late?

I really enjoy Sarah Dessen's style of writing and found this to be another exceptional story.  Both of her books that I have read have had a wonderful message to them.  The characters are far from perfect, but they all have so much personality.  I will definitely read another one of her books and I would highly recommend this one.  I gave it 4 stars on GoodReads, but it is really worth 4.5 stars.  If there was a little more Noah Shaw or Lucas Delos to this story, I definitely would have given it 5 stars.  A little more detail towards the end of the book about the love story is all that was needed for me to give it 5 stars.

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Cover Reveal: Walking Away by Adriane Boyd

I am very excited to be asked by Adriane to help with her first published work: Walking Away!

Don't know who Adriane is let me tell you about her:

Adriane is a mother and a writer who resides in Southeast Virginia. She enjoys music, writing, and snuggling up with a good book.
Walking Away is her first self published work, and she is also working on writing her first full length novel. if you can't find her playing around on Facebook (which is unlikely), you can certainly find her at either her son's school or one of his Tae Kwon Do lessons. Please visit her blog, follow her on Twitter , like' her Facebook page and Goodreads.

Here is a short blurb about Walking Away:

Twenty -five year old Coraline Renfro is in mourning. She and her long time boyfriend, Blake Parrish, have broken up and Cora hasn’t been dealing with it well. She’s shut herself off from the world around her, and buried herself in her work. Tired of being alone, Cora accepts a date from a colleague, and slowly begins to move on. When Blake comes calling again, will Cora take him back or will she show him how it feels to have a door slammed in his face and his hopes and dreams of a future with her dashed?

Without further ado, the cover of Walking Away:

I cannot wait to read this! I will keep you update on the release!

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COUNTDOWN To Independence (Significance #4) by Shelly Crane

21 days are left until the release of Independence.  The final book of the Significance series by Shelly Crane.

We are on Book 2: Accordance.

Here are the highlights from Chapter 30:

Maggie. Caleb.  Good of you to join us. ---Sikes
Villainy 101; always have a backup to your backup. ---Marcus
Ooh, I love to see a newly mated couple.  So feisty. ---Sikes
So I'm a...poacher? ---Caleb

Here are the highlights from Chapter 31:

Maggie: You could have told me
Kyle: What would have been fun about that?
Caleb: I'm sorry.  Forgive me.
Maggie: Maybe, after some persuasion.

We have finished book 2!!! Onto Book 3 .... tomorrow....

Every Day by David Levithan

Every morning, A wakes in a different person’s body, a different person’s life. There’s never any warning about where it will be or who it will be. A has made peace with that, even established guidelines by which to live: Never get too attached. Avoid being noticed. Do not interfere.
It’s all fine until the morning that A wakes up in the body of Justin and meets Justin’s girlfriend, Rhiannon. From that moment, the rules by which A has been living no longer apply. Because finally A has found someone he wants to be with—day in, day out, day after day.
David Levithan has pushed himself to new creative heights. He has written a captivating story that will fascinate readers as they begin to comprehend the complexities of life and love in A’s world, as A and Rhiannon seek to discover if you can truly love someone who is destined to change every day. (from the author's website.)

Flo's Review

Every once in awhile I find in my mailbox a Surprise ARC. I don't think the majority of them are really surprises because I enter a lot of contests. But then I forget I enter them, so when the book shows up in my mailbox -- SURPRISE!

This is how I came upon Every Day by David Levithan. I loved Will Grayson, Will Grayson and Dash and Lily's Book of Dares, so when I found myself looking at another one of his books, I was super excited.

The book starts with a letter to the reader. I am not sure if that is just an ARC thing or if the letter is really in the book, but I hope it's really in the book. Basically, it's David talking about how the idea for Every Day came about. My favorite part about this is that he started with the premise:

"I had the premise: Since birth, a teen has woken up every day in the boy and life of a new person. But after that I didn't have any answers, only questions." He goes on to ask some of the questions that could come to anyone's mind given this premise then says, "I didn't have the answers to these questions. So I wrote a novel to try to find out what they were. And now you hold that novel in your hand."

Like Dash and Lily, I shoved this book in my purse at the last minute as I was packing for a trip, because I needed something for when I couldn't have my Nook on. Also like Dash and Lily, I ended up not turning on the Nook once the airplane reached cruising altitude and electronic devices were approved because I was so engrossed in the story. I had just come turned off my Nook where I was at the beginning of a book and there was a lot of scene setting going on...I wasn't feeling it. I even tweeted that I wished I was at the part at that book where I was engrossed already. Well, when I picked up Every Day, I was immediately engrossed. Because it starts like a "normal" day for A, the main character -- like every day. Except, this first day we read about is NOT like every day. This first day changes the routine A had become used to and causes him for the first time to really want a sense of permanency about his life.

Every Day is one of those books that casually throws deep thoughts at you. Like, if you are speed reading you may miss them. Like if you are eating just to eat. But if you are eating to savor the flavor of the food, you  will catch and ponder on these morsels of life lessons and observations. I loved that.

I felt that the concept of this story was so unique -- it was unlike anything I had ever read before, and so I fell into A's world -- his thoughts, feelings, sensations, and it was all completely new. Just like for him -- every day was different -- for the reader, too, every day was new and unparalleled. Issues such as obesity, suicidal tendencies, homosexuality, child labor, are all covered, but not in a preachy kind of way -- they are just different colored threads in the multi-colored fabric of A's life, and in parallel, in our lives.

This is the longest review I have written in awhile, and I could just go on and on. If you are the least bit intrigued, I definitely encourage you to pick up Every Day.

And, at this rate, I may be adding David Levithan to this list.

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COUNTDOWN To Independence (Significance #4) by Shelly Crane

22 days are left until the release of Independence.  The final book of the Significance series by Shelly Crane.

We are on Book 2: Accordance.

Here are the highlights from Chapter 28:

Maggie:  I look terrible.
Caleb: No, you look like someone who's been loved on.

Ok the only reason there is only one highlight for this chapter is because if I post anything else it will spoil the surprise.

Here are the highlights from Chapter 29:

I know lots of things.  Just go.  We were fine before you came. ---Maggie
I like you in my t-shirts but I kinda miss your fruit shorts. ---Caleb
I can't promise that, but I can promise you that we'll try like hell. ---Caleb

We are getting close to the end of book 2!!

Until tomorrow..............

Sunday, November 25, 2012

COUNTDOWN To Independence (Significance #4) by Shelly Crane

23 days are left until the release of Independence.  The final book of the Significance series by Shelly Crane.

We are on Book 2: Accordance.

Here are the highlights from chapter 26

Gran: Sleep tight, you two.
Caleb: That's not all they're gonna be doing.
Gran: Caleb Maxwell Jacobson! For shame.
Maggie: Maxwell? How did I not know your middle name?
Maggie: You're not tired?
Caleb: Not after all that, no. Are you?
Maggie: A little.
Caleb: You don't sound tired to me
Caleb, honey, we need to work on your timing skills. ---Rachel
Caleb, thank you for being so you. ---Maggie
Destiny is meddlesome wench isn't she? ---Kyle
Caleb: Alright, well, we're going to tell Maggie's father.  Dude, what are you doing?
Kyle: Just memorizing your pretty face before it gets all mangled.

Here are the highlights from chapter 27:

Maggie: You're awfully cocky.  What makes you think he won't freak? He is my father and I'm his only little girl.
Caleb: Betcha five bucks.
Maggie: Deal....I'll take your money and buy a honey bun with a diet cream soda and I won't share with you.
Caleb: You're going to be singing a different  tune in a little while.  I hope you're not too full on omelet to eat crow.
It's the best feeling in the world to know that I'm in the heart of the most important person to me and the proof of that is literally right under my fingertips.  ---Caleb
It was better than chocolate! It was better than honey buns!  It was better than kisses and touches and sweet words combined.  I was enraptured. ---Maggie

Chapter 27 is by far on of my favorite chapters!!

What did y'all think?

Until tomorrow...............

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Prophecy Girl (Lacuna Valley #1) by Faith McKay

Goodreads description:

Ever since Samantha Winthrop's mother moved them to Lacuna Valley, supposedly in search of better weather, the list of strange questions she has no answers for has been growing out of control.

Does her little sister, Violet, have the ability to make things happen just by "praying" for them? Are Sam's dreams really predicting the future? Is she destined to marry the boy she just met, and what is the mysterious orb that he's guarding? Why does she get the impression that there are dangerous creatures watching from the woods?

While Sam should be focusing on answering those questions, there is one other that makes them seem almost irrelevant: Is her mother planning on killing her and Violet?

Mary's Review

I would like to thank Faith McKay for this book for review purposes.

This is a very different story line.  Let me explain: 1) Sam and Violet's mother is trying to kill them (literally!).  She is crazy! She needs the girls to carry out her plan but once the plan is finished, she will not need them anymore.  2) Violet is special.  When she "prayers" for people or something it happens.  Sam is special.  Her dreams (though they are a bit sketchy) are predicting the future and all she wants to do is protect her sister.  3) Nick is special.  He is destined to marry Sam and his future is already planned out for him.  This does not make him happy because he doesn't really want this life.  He doesn't want Sam to be burden with this life, but knows that she will be part of it.

Best Part of the Book:  I loved the relationship between Sam and Nick.  It is not a perfect relationship but they are there for each other, when it counts.  I love their sense of humor and their love of music.  Plus, Nick's collection of sunglasses! I love how Violet is so young and knows that she is special, but doesn't want to hurt anyone.  You have to remember that she is just 9 years old.

Not so great about book:  The only thing that I didn't like about this book was the cliffhanger.  But, that is just me.  I cannot wait for Book 2 to see what happens.

You can purchase the book here --->>>Prophecy Girl (Lacuna Valley)

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Cover Reveal: Songs of the Wind by Diana Nixon BONUS Character Interview with Evan and a Surprise

I was so happy when Diana Nixon contacted me to be part of the Cover Reveal Party for Songs Of The Wind.  I had recently reviewed book 1 of this series called: Love Lines.  The moment I finished that book I could not wait for this book to be finished.

Songs Of The Wind will be release around the end of November or early December and I cannot wait for it.

Now for the cover:

The full book jacket:

This beautiful book cover was done by Jennifer Munswami.  If you want to see more of her work please click here.

The bonus part of this big cover reveal is an interview with Evan.  Besides Christian, Evan is one of my favorite characters in this series.  He is funny, serious when need to be and a great friend!

Here is the interview:

We know about Christian and Eileen, but we need to know more about you.  So:
What is it like to be a student of Wizardry at Dever?

It's like being the most awesome bad guys in the world with the unlimited permission to cast spells without being punished:) Everyone wants to become Wizardy, because possessing magic is like an out-of-reach dream that people want to make come true. But in reality being Wizardy means so much more than that. Magic lives inside everyone of us, but if we don't learn how to control it, it will turn our life into everyday struggle with ourselves. Our powers are very dangerous. Possessing magic needs more concentration and energy than anything else. If you spend too much energy you will die. But if you learn how to control your powers and impulses your life will be amazing. The main thing here is not to forget that possessing magic is a gift that should be cherished and not to be used to do evil. 

How did you meet Christian?

It was a very funny story. Christian burned my eyebrows. Like literally burned them!:) It was Monday morning and we all know that Mondays are 'the best' days of the week. I call them my lucky days. I was going to my classes, but somehow I forgot which audience the first one was going to be in, so I opened the door of the first classroom and was immediately locked in a circle of fire, created by my to-be best friend. As it turned out I wasn't the one who Christian expected to see at the threshold as he was having a practical training where he and his group mate named Paul were learning how to block the unexpected attacks. Of course, I couldn't have expected any attack that morning, so I froze, shocked and the moment I realized what was going on my eyebrows were gone:) The first thought in my head was to him pay back, but then I saw the unbelievably beautiful fiery waves, flowing in the air. I'd never met a person with such a strong power of fire in his hands and I immediately forgot about my revenge. By the way, I still haven't paid him back! I should probably remind Christian of his debt one day:) 

We all know that it is crazy right now in Eileen and Christian lives.  Do you a plan to help them that you might be about to share with us?

I wish they were able to do everything on their own, but somehow I'm sure they will mess it up without me:) And I don't want to miss the fun! Besides, Mrs. Lanster still owes me one for hours of my precious time and energy spent on his search. So I can't let him go just like that. And I can't let my friends down no matter how much I want to have at least one day of peace and quiet. Looks like it's not gonna happen any time soon:) Now when we know that Christian has been kidnapped I need to protect Eileen, because if anything happens to her in his absence he will fry me alive for sure:) And I'm so not ready to die right now, and I don't want to lose my best friend. So I will do my best to drag him back from Eric's dream, even if to succeed I will have to sacrifice another few weeks of good sleep:) 

Will Tara be helping with this plan at all?

That's the problem that she will! I'm not sure I'm ready to work side by side with her. There were too many memories left in Dever that I can't step over, pretending that nothing has ever happened between us. But as I have already said, I have to be strong and leave my complaints for later as there are too many other people who need my help now. And I will be damned first if I ever show anyone how much I suffered from losing Tara. She dumped me and I still keep wondering why...

We saw that your brother is going to make an appearance in Song of the Wind.  Will there be any other family members?

It looks like my whole family is going to show up out of nowhere:) You will find out more about them and some facts about my life that I would gladly take out of my head forever. Too bad no magic can change our past. 

If you could be anything other than a Wizard, who would you be?

I don't think I would ever like to be anyone else. Just kidding, of course:) Sometimes I wish I was just a human living my life the way I wanted it to be and not the way it was predicted by my destiny. We, the creatures of the world of supernatural are hostages of our future. We can change only a small part of it, but the main rules of the game we are all involved in never change. We live, hiding in the mountains, developing our talents until one day we are forced to face the real world, where there is no place for anyone of us, because people like me were not supposed to exist. Though sometimes our super powers help us to fit ourselves to living among humans. Most of Embry students become doctors; Vero graduates can become excellent lawyers, protecting truth and revealing falsehood. Meridins are the best astrologists. But wizards like me will never be able to pretend being normal. That's why we usually get stuck in our secret world forever, working for the Council, teaching new Dever's students or inventing new magical spells. But I want my life to be different and I will do my best to cheat my fate:)

Now for my final question and BIG SURPRISE:

Could we get a sneak peek of some of the adventures that will appear in Song of the Wind?

"All the surroundings were trembling with vivid energy, thunder blasts and lightning. And the mountain we were standing on just a few seconds ago was now falling to pieces right in front of our eyes, turning into a pile of huge spalls. The sky was dark and cloudy. The snow was falling heavily to the ground, mixing everything with mud and water. And the wind was sharp and cold, making us shiver. But we didn’t really care as at that very moment we were crossing the line of reality."

Thank you Diana Nixon for letting be part of this beautiful cover reveal.  Thank you Evan for taking time to speak with me AND giving us a small look into Songs Of The Wind.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cover Reveal: Elfin by Quinn Loftis AND BONUS

Oh, how I love Quinn Loftis!!!! The lady is just an amazing author! I love her Grey Wolves Series so much!  I am SO SO excited about this new series, Elfin!

So, without further ado, the cover of Elfin:


The bonus to the post is: Chapter 2 is released on Quinn's here to read!

What do you all think of the cover and of Chapter 2?????

Blog Tour: Beyond the Veil by Quinn Loftis: Bonus Interview with Decebel and a Book Trailer


If you know anything about this site, you know I love Quinn Loftis' series Grey Wolves. Plus, my favorite character is Decebel! I just love him!

Everyone sit back and enjoy:

*How does it feel to be an Alpha again?

Like putting on a well worn glove that has been off for far too long. I’m an Alpha, it’s who I am and refusing to take that roll was tearing me apart though I did not realize it. But I couldn’t be a good Alpha without my mate at my side, so maybe that’s why it has taken so long. I was waiting for the brat to grow up.

*Do you miss being a Beta at all? If so, what is it?

I miss having the closeness that I had with Vasile. There is something special between and Alpha and his Beta.

*Does Jen really annoy you that much? Would you change anything about her?

Frustrate me, drive me insane, worry me, keep me alert and on my toes—yes, annoy me—no. I could not and would not change a thing about her because then she would not be my Jennifer.

*What did you truly think when you finally figured out that Jen was your mate?

The Fates knew what they were doing when they destined her for me. I could not be with someone with less spine than her, I would crush their spirit. I could not be with someone who didn’t know her worth and have her own confidence in herself because I’m so dominate that it’s her confidence that will help my wolf not try to put her in a bubble to keep her safe from every little thing.

*In Just One Drop and Out Of The Dark Fane and you seem to grow a bit closer as “friends”, do you still have that relationship?

For so long Fane has been Vasile’s son, and I didn’t realize that he had grown into a strong, dominant male. When we were going through all of those difficult situations and I was seeing him protect his mate I realized for the first time that Fane was no longer the boy I knew, but nearly close to my equal and one day will be.

*What is your favorite song that Jen has “danced” too? (hehe!)

A song that was played in the privacy of our bedroom where for once I was her only audience and unlike my mate I do not share what goes on behind closed doors.

*Since we only know a little bit about your past, what is your favorite childhood memory?

When I was young it was a nightly ritual for us to gather around the fire just before bed and my father would tell us a story. He was the best story teller. I don’t talk about my past much, but that is a time that I like to remember.

*What do you really do in your downtime?

*chuckles* You ask like it must be something utterly interesting. I spend time sparring with Jennifer, teaching her how to defend herself in her human and wolf form. I enjoy reading, though I prefer to read the classics. And I love to just sit with my mate and listen to her talk—she rarely stops but that’s alright because I love the way she makes me laugh. I’ve met no other who makes me laugh and feel at ease even in these dark times the way she can.

Thanks Decebel for taking time to answer my questions.

Finally, the time has come for the book trailer.  Please enjoy!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Announcement: Elfin by Quinn Loftis

The greatest wolf series ever written was by Quinn Loftis.  The series is the Grey Wolves Series.  Quinn has recently announced that she is writing a new series called Elfin.

Now she has announced this:

Stay tuned..................

COUNTDOWN To Independence (Significance #4) by Shelly Crane

30 days are left until the release of Independence.  The final book of the Significance series by Shelly Crane.

We are on Book 2: Accordance.

Here are the highlights from Chapter 24:

Lynne: But he likes you.  He watched you.
Maggie: He seem to like you an awful lot too.
Lynne: Boys like that don't like girls like me.
"I'm not leaving you!" ---Maggie
"Maggie took care of me, Mom.  It's fine." ---Caleb

Here are the highlights from Chapter 25:

"You look like crap if it's ok for me to say that." ---Lynne
Oh, this is so going to your pretty little head. ---Caleb
"Now ain't that a sight" ---Gran
Gran: Oh, look at us! How young and handsome was he?
Caleb: You were pretty smoking too, Gran.
Gran: Now don't go throwing your lies at me!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

COUNTDOWN To Independence (Significance #4) by Shelly Crane

31 days are left until the release of Independence.  The final book of the Significance series by Shelly Crane.

We are on Book 2: Accordance.

Here are the highlights of Chapter 22:

"I won't touch her.  I just want to make sure she's ok." ---Bish
Bish: How old are you?
Ecstasy: 18.
Bish: Then, no, we don't have any booze.
Ecstasy: Nark.

Here are the highlights from Chapter 23:

You could have told me, dude.  I'm not nine.  I think I could have handled it. ---Kyle
Caleb: ... Oh well.  let's get you a ticker.
Kyle: I got this.
Caleb: But she's our responsibility.
Lynne: Uh, hello, standing right here!
You're enjoying that memory a little too much, I think. ---Caleb

Until tomorrow...................

Friday, November 16, 2012

Cover Reveal: Mercy by Misty Provencher

Sorry, I am late posting this Misty!! 

Everyone know how much I love Misty! She is an incredible author!

Her latest book is Mercy, which is set to be released December 8th, 2012.

What to know what the book is about?  Here you go:

My will to survive is the first thing to drown.
I know, because I hold it under myself.

After facing severe tragedy in life, Madeline assumes her death will be easy.
But the angels do not come to take her to Heaven.
Instead, what retrieves her is something she never expected: a gargoyle.

Delivered to Truce, the King of the Gargoyles, Madeline now has choices she never wanted.  She has the ability to take over the entire Gargoyle Kingdom, if she is willing to kill the king.  However, looking to prevent takeover, Truce transforms Madeline, thereby granting her the ability to achieve the thing she wants most—death—if she can just find the human recipient for the Gargoyle Gift that she now has to give.  It should be easy.

But lives, whether they are lived or not, are seldom simple, and Madeline’s past still stands in her way. Now, only a voyeur in the life of The Boy with the Golden Rod Voice, Madeline’s must reconcile her own life and death, if she ever hopes to have free reign of her soul.

Now, for the big reveal.  Here is the cover of Mercy:

Be sure to add it to your "to-read" list! I know that I have!!

BLOG TOUR: This and That of Cami and Trick, The Wild Ones by M. Leighton AND Giveaway

First, I need to give thanks to AToTMR and The Autumn Review for hosting this tour.

A bit about The Wild Ones:

**MATURE CONTENT ADVISORY: May not be suitable for younger readers**

Passion as hot as midnight in the South and love as wild as the horses they tame.

Camille “Cami” Hines is the darling daughter of the South’s champion thoroughbred breeder, Jack Hines. She has a pedigree that rivals some of her father’s best horses. Other than feeling a little suffocated at times, Cami thought she was pretty happy with her boyfriend, her life and her future. 

But that was before she met Patrick Henley.

“Trick” blurs the lines between what Cami wants and what is expected of her. He’s considered the “help,” which is forbidden fruit as far as her father is concerned, not to mention that Trick would be fired if he ever laid a hand on her. And Trick needs his job. Desperately. His family depends on him.

The heart wants what the heart wants, though, and Trick and Cami are drawn to each other despite the obstacles. At least the ones they know of. 

When Trick stumbles upon a note from his father, it triggers a series of revelations that could ruin what he and Cami have worked so hard to overcome. It turns out there’s more to Trick’s presence at the ranch than either of them knew, secrets that could tear them apart.

Wanna stalk M. Leighton (like I do):

Wanna know more and where to purchase  The Wild Ones


Snickers or Twix
Cami: “Twix.”
Trick: “Snickers, because it satisfies.”  *cocky grin*

Mountains or Beach
(Both simultaneously) “Beach!”

English or Western
(Both simultaneously) “Western!”  *laugh* 
Cami: We live in the South so of course we’re gonna say Western.”

Blue, Green, or brown eyes
Trick: “Blue.  Violet blue, like Cami’s eyes.”
Cami: “You totally stole my answer!”
Trick: “You were gonna choose blue for the color of your eyes?” *grins*
Cami: *rolls eyes*  “No, I was going to say green mixed with grey, just like your eyes.” 

Country or Rock
Cami: “Rock.  I’m not a huge fan of country music. Unless it’s playing while I’m dancing with Trick at Lucky’s.”
Trick: “I’d say rock or Southern rock.  That’s what the band played mostly.”

Cars or Trucks
(Both simultaneously) “Cars!”  *laugh*
Trick: “She grew up around classics and so did I.  I have a truck now, but I’ll get another car here before too long.  It’s in my blood.”

Cake or Ice Cream
Trick: “How about cake and ice cream?”
Cami:  “Just like a man.  Wants to have his cake and eat it, too.  With ice cream.”

Fast or Slow
Trick:  “Depends on what we’re doing.”  *wicked grin*
Cami:  “Ohmigod.  Next question.”

Christmas or Halloween
Trick:  “With a name like Trick, what do you think?”
Cami:  “Although I love to be scared, Christmas is still my favorite holiday.  Hands down.”

Trick or Treat
Trick:  “I always say pick treat.”  *winks at Cami*
Cami:  “But I’ll always pick Trick.”


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Blog Tour: Wicked Fate by Tabatha Vargo

Day 5 of the Wicked Fate Blog Tour! It is another double header!

 Book on the Bright Side and Laney Logic both have great posts for the tour! Enjoy!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mark of the Witch (Boston Witches Book 1) by Jessica Gibson

Goodreads description: 

Magic flows through Jillian Proctor's veins as surely as blood, but so far her life outside Boston has been peaceful. William Morgan blows into Jilly's life like a hurricane, unleashing her magic and sending her out of control. Unknowingly, William brings an enemy who only wants to posses the power of the witch. Jilly must learn to harness her magic before she loses it - and everything in her life is destroyed.

Mary's Review:

I need to thank Jessica Gibson for the book for a review.

Best part of book: I just love witches and love stories. (haha!) This book had both.  Jessica Gibson wrote an outstanding book.  Jillian (aka Jilly) and her twin sister, Caroline were both born witches.  However, as time goes on Jilly becomes more trained in the art than Caroline.  Flash forward when the girls become adults they have drifted apart from each other.

Jilly opens up her own salon and still practices her witchcraft.  While, Caroline goes off an gets married.  Soon their paths cross again and "rebuild" their relationship.  All the while we are introduced to William! William is a complex fellow! He has quite the backstory and Jilly is connected to it.  I love how Jessica Gibson put all of it together in the end.  I think William and Jilly are great together. I even really liked Caroline!

Not so great about the book:  Just when I thought it was all going to end all perfect and happy *BAM* cliffhanger! *hangs head* Now I have to see what happens in Book 2!

If you want to purchase the book CLICK HERE --->>>Mark of the Witch (Boston Witches)

Pure Redemption by Amity Hope

Goodreads description:

It has been nearly a month since that horrific night. The night Gabe and Ava stood up to his father and Gabe disappeared from her life. 

Now her head is telling her that she needs to move on and let him go. Her heart is being a little more stubborn, impatiently waiting for a miracle. When her friends spot a stranger in town, someone who appears to be Gabe but is undeniably different, Ava is determined to find him so they can start putting the pieces of their love back together again.

Unfortunately, a malevolent force from their past has other plans. Will they be able to overcome unspeakable evil for a second time? Or will death tear them apart forever?

Mary's Review:

This is the second book to Tainted Legacy.  Amity Hope really knew how to rip a Book Nerds heart out with Tainted Legacy; however, there was light at the end of the tunnel!  And that light was Gabe!!

Best part of the book: Hello, Gabe!  I was so worried about you at the end of the other book! However, it isn't all sunshine and roses for Gabe and Ava.  Stupid Rafe, Gabe's brother, is still around! UGH! But, Amity Hope put all the pieces together nicely! I enjoyed how she unfolded the story.  I also loved how she used all the character and even added a few more.  It is hard to put this review together because I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

Not so great about the book: *sniff* it ended! I am not sure if there will be a third book.  Amity Hope ended it that it could be over but left a storyline open so that there could be a third book.  (I am hoping for a third book)

If you want to purchase click here ---->>>>Pure Redemption (Tainted Legacy)

Blog Tour: Wicked Fate by Tabatha Vargo

It is day 4 of the Wicked Fate Blog Tour.

Today is a double header!  Book Crazy and What Stina Thinks both have wonder words about Wicked Fate.

Head over to their sites now and see what they have!

COUNTDOWN To Independence (Significance #4) by Shelly Crane

33 days are left until the release of Independence.  The final book of the Significance series by Shelly Crane.

We are on Book 2: Accordance.

Here are the highlights from Chapter 20:

"Wow.  So you're like a superhuman heroine or something?" ---Ecstasy
"Did you guys have fun?  I see you brought home leftovers." ---Bish
Man, you are making this whole not liking you thing so easy.---Bish
You're so sweet and you care about everybody.  You hate it when people are upset with you.  You love cream soda.  It's kind of hard to be mad at someone who's like that. ---Caleb
I look up to him, my rock star, my sweet guy, my open book significant.  He stood up for me with Bish and his dad and Kyle.  He always took care of me even though everyone made out like he didn't. ---Maggie

Here are the highlights from Chapter 21:

Maggie: Are you really surprised?
Bish: Yes. You just keep coming up with these thing you can do.
She's special. ---Caleb
Let's get back to this and get it over with.  I'm ready for bed. ---Maggie

Until tomorrow....................

Dear Teen Me Blog Tour

Book Nerds Across America is happy to host a stop on the Dear Teen Me Blog Tour! This book is just the bestest thing ever. It was inspired by a blog that became so popular that it led to a book. I really enjoyed reading this one for several reasons. First, since it's not a straight, chronological story, I just hopped around reading letters here and there that caught my eye. I kept saying to myself, "Okay, just one more and then I'll stop..." but then I'd thumb through and find another one. Secondly, it's more than just letters: there are pictures of bad hair and cartoons and Q &'s a whole lot of fun! Third, a variety of letters was nicely assembled. Some made me laugh, some made me nostalgic, and some even brought me to tears. The letters covered everything from crushes to thoughts of suicide and everything in between. It just goes to show what a memorable time of your life your teens are, no matter what the reason. Of course, as I was reading it, I was thinking of two things: First, this song that I love by Brad Paisley called "Letter To Me," which is basically what this book is about:

Isn't it great?! Second, it made me want to write my own Dear Teen Me letter. Click on the "More" button to hear what I have to say to my teen self after the jump.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

COUNTDOWN To Independence (Significance #4) by Shelly Crane

34 days are left until the release of Independence.  The final book of the Significance series by Shelly Crane.

We are on Book 2: Accordance.

Here are the highlights of Chapter 18:

Maggie: I don't want to hurt you.
Kyle: And I don't want to you to hide from me.  We're friends, that's all.  I can deal with it.
Maggie: By moping around and hardly speaking to anyone.
Kyle: I didn't have anything to say.
Well, I'm not the same little girl you always knew either.  I can kick your butt now. ---Maggie
Rachel Practically glowed with pride and Peter wrapped his arms around her from behind, kissing her cheek.  It was one of the sweetest things I'd ever seen as they watch Caleb, their son, my significant, totally in his element.  ---Maggie
Beck: Look at you two.  You're so cute.  It's like you're having a conversation with your eyes or something.
Kyle: They practically are.  It's just disgusting.

Here are the highlights from Chapter 19:

Maggie: It meant nothing.
Caleb: I know.
Kyle: It didn't feel like nothing to me.

This chapter is hard because there are spoilers and I don't like to spoil

Until tomorrow........................

Blog Tour: Wicked Fate by Tabatha Vargo

Today is Day 3 of the WIcked Fate Blog Tour.

Head over to Krystal Clear Book Reviews where there will be another review of the book!

The book will be released on Nov. 30!

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Significance Movie Trailer Teaser Pics

As you all know (because I have said it a million times) Shelly Crane's book Significance is being made into a movie. *Insert fan-girl scream here* !!!

I am beyond excited about this.  More so than anything because I love this series so much!!

I know a lot of fans of this book are dying to see the teaser trailer and movie as much as me.

Recently, the Significance Movie Facebook page has been posting teaser pics of them filming certain scenes of the movie.

All these pics came from the Facebook page and I don't own any of them.  

Maggie and Caleb

Maggie at Graduation

Caleb and Maggie

Maggie and Kyle

Ok ... anyone passed out ... all good??? *phew* 

Here are a few other pictures that they have posted:

As soon as I know more I will let you know!!