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Opal (Lux #3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Goodreads description:

No one is like Daemon Black.

When he set out to prove his feelings for me, he wasn’t fooling around. Doubting him isn’t something I’ll do again, and now that we’ve made it through the rough patches, well... There’s a lot of spontaneous combustion going on.

But even he can’t protect his family from the danger of trying to free those they love.

After everything, I’m no longer the same Katy. I’m different... And I’m not sure what that will mean in the end. When each step we take in discovering the truth puts us in the path of the secret organization responsible for torturing and testing hybrids, the more I realize there is no end to what I’m capable of. The death of someone close still lingers, help comes from the most unlikely source, and friends will become the deadliest of enemies, but we won’t turn back. Even if the outcome will shatter our worlds forever.

Together we’re stronger... and they know it.


I know that this is just Book #3 of the series but this is the best BY FAR!!!  Jennifer L. Armentrout knows how to rip out a Book Nerds Heart at the end of this book!! Talk about a cliffhanger!!

Best Part of the Book:  Daemon Black, you sexy alien, you!!!!!!  I think I love him more in this book that the other 2!!!  He is so sweet, caring and deadly all in one!!! That is a Book Nerds dream fictional boyfriend!!  Jennifer L. Armentrout has wrote the perfect fictional boyfriend!!

But I digress, at the end of Book 2 we had death, unanswered question and a serious connection between Daemon and Kitten ... uumm ... I mean Katy!!  This book leaves every reader wanting more!  Though some question were "answered" it left more questions too!  Just like I said before, Jennifer L. Armentrout knows how to leave a Book Nerd hanging!!  But, that is why she is so good as an author!!

However, there are some REALLY REALLY good scenes between Daemon and Katy!! I love that Daemon and Katy are becoming so much closer!

On top of that I enjoyed Dawson.  Since he was not really in the first 2 books, we get to see more of him in this one.  Although, there are a lot of issues with him he still can steal a scene when needed!  His obsession with ghosts also cracks me up!

Not so great about book:  I REALLY dislike Blake!  I cannot wait until someone zaps him!  I do love that Daemon calls him Biff, Brad and every other name in the book but Blake!  It cracks me up!

I also did not the cliffhanger!  Boo-hoo!  I was crying by the last sentence! Oh it killed me!!

Cannot wait for Book 4!!

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Incendiary (The Premonition #4) by Amy A. Bartol

Goodreads description:

Cold, fine drops of rain fall softly on my cheeks as I emerge from the darkness of the ship's interior to the gray, overcast sky of the main deck. Pulling my dark pea coat tighter to my body, the wind lifts red tendrils of my hair. I walk slowly to the railing overlooking the water.

I catch my first sight of the Irish coastline; its craggy landscape makes me shiver in dread. I find it difficult to imagine now how the Gancanagh had made this their home for so long without anyone realizing it. The cold, moss-covered edifices practically scream their presence. As I study the shadows between the falling-down stone, I imagine creeping shapes of undead Faeries grasping the rock, waiting for our ship to draw nearer to their position.

Tipping my face up, I let the rain wash over me. It bathes away the frigid sweat of fear that has broken on my brow. "You don't know how fiercely beautiful you are, do you?" A quiet voice behind me asks, causing me to stiffen and fix my eyes on the rocks along the shoreline.


So, at the end of Indebted (Book 3) I was not sure if I was still #TeamReed because of the way Brennus  was acting.  Well, Amy has definitely made my decision easy by the end of this book! Although, she added more twists to this great series.

Best part of the book: Between Evie, Russell, Reed and the rest of the gang I don't think I could just pick a "best part".  Amy Bartol is an amazing author.  She is so detailed in her writing and her imagination is beyond measure.  I love that just when I think I have the story figured *BAM* Amy Bartol throws a twist in there that I didn't see coming.  For example, Xavier was a twist I didn't see coming.  And it is a GOOD TWIST!!  Brennus is another twist that I thought might happen but wasn't sure how Amy Bartol was "spin" it.  Then there is Anya.  Can I just say that I LOVE HER!!!??? She is a great addition to the story! Boy, oh, boy Amy Bartol did a GREAT JOB!!  The one thing that I did love the most was that there was not a MASSIVE cliffhanger that would leave crying on the floor of my reading room wanting more!  She left us wanting more but with a simple ending.


Not so great about book:  Amy Bartol created a great 4th book to this series and I don't think there is a single wrong with this book!!!

I cannot wait for BOOK 5!!!!

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My Beautiful Failure by Janet Ruth Young

Flo's Review
My biggest challenge will be keeping this not too incredibly long so that the other Book Nerds have space to write their reaction. I haven't had such a reaction to a book in awhile. I am not even sure how I feel about this. Let me explain...

I started reading this book, and I didn't like it. But the chapters are short (some are only a few paragraphs or a single page) and that makes for a quick and easy read. The more I read, the more I didn't like Billy, the main character. Like, really not a fan. So much so, that I grabbed a notebook and started writing down all the things I didn't like about Billy. (I won't take up space with the list, but it is available upon request :) But, I kept reading. Because it is such a fast and easy read, I decided to stick it out. I thought that maybe this book would gain redemption at the end by Billy completing changing and turning into a character I actually liked...I mean, this all had to be going somewhere right? There is a lot of build up in this book: build up between Billy and Jenney's relationship, build up with Billy's dad. The two run parallel to each other.

The more I read, the more I still didn't like Billy. Then I hit the last third of the book...and I couldn't put this puppy down. Janet Ruth Young's pacing is fantastic, and the short chapters really make for a suspenseful story. I still didn't like Billy, but I was rooting for him. The end I was looking for didn't happen, in that Billy didn't undergo some amazing character growth and turn into this new and awesome person. But his perspective changed, and he was proven wrong about a lot of things.

This book brings up some, for lack of a better word, heavy things to think about. I mean, it's about a suicide hotline. But, really, it's about connections -- the importance of connecting to other people and of not taking our relationships for granted. It's about looking at other people and seeing them as they really are, not as they were or as you want to see them. It's also about taking an honest look at ourselves.

I love when a book changes my mind. I love when a book really makes me think. I love when I put a book down and can't stop thinking about. So, thank you Janet Ruth Young. And yes....I recommend this book.

Jacque's Review:
Billy is a sixteen year old high school sophomore.  The winter prior to the start of this book, his father was severely depressed.  He wasn't eating or sleeping and he eventually had to seek treatment.  This was a very stressful time for Billy and his family and it has greatly influenced who Billy is today.   

Throughout the book, Billy maintains a watchful eye on his father and tries to make sure he does everything necessary to remain healthy.  He has even decided that he would like to become a psychologist because he wants to help others like his father.  His father decides to paint as a hobby and eventually wants to have an art show.  His stress level begins to increase and he is once again not sleeping or eating.  Billy begins to worry that things will spiral out of control again.

His father tells him to find a project or hobby of his own, so he decides to volunteer at Listeners, a suicide hot line.  He is remarkably good at listening and handles the calls perfectly when he first starts.  He begins to take a personal interest in one of the regular callers named Jenney.  

As Billy's concern for his father increases, so does his own need for emotional support.  He and Jenney begin to rely on each other and their relationship turns into more than that of a typical Listener and Incoming.

I did not have the same reaction to Billy as Flo.  He isn't going to become the next Noah Shaw or Etienne St. Clair, but I can certainly appreciate what he was trying to accomplish.  He seemed to have only the best of intentions even if his actions were not always ideal. 

I really enjoyed the format of the book.  When Billy wasn't talking to another character or caller, it felt like he was talking to the reader.  He would tell us about what happened when his father was ill and what he was observing now.  The chapters are very short and the conversational style kept the pages turning.

The one thing that did bother me is the fact that the author used an acronym twice in the book without defining it.  I spent a considerable amount of time researching it and even asked one of the doctors I work with to see if he knew what it meant, but I am still at a loss.  Based upon the context it was used in, I am guessing that Billy was referring to his father the way we would refer to a patient.  Kind of like he was the psychologist and his dad is his patient.  If a doctor and nurse can't figure out what the acronym means, it clearly should be defined when used in a teen novel.

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Oxford Whispers (The Oxford Trilogy #1) by Marion Croslydon

Goodreads description:

Madison LeBon is dead set against the dead. 

Her fresh start at Oxford University is a brand new beginning. She finally has a chance to turn the page on her psychic powers and cumbersome voodoo heritage. Snakes, dolls, ghosts, and spirits: Farewell…

Not quite.

When the tragic lovers in a painting—the subject of her first history class—begin to haunt her, she must accept her gift before life imitates art. The lovers warn her against their own nemesis, a Puritan from the English Civil War. Unfortunately, said nemesis is now going all homicidal on Madison. 

College becomes more complicated when she falls hard for Rupert Vance, a troubled aristocrat and descendant of one of the characters in the painting. With the spirit of a murderer after her, Madison realizes that her own first love may also be doomed…


I would like to thank the author, Marion Croslydon, for the book to review.

Best part of the book:  This was not your typical psychic/ghost/spirits story.  It was dubbed "Sookie Stackhouse goes Ivy League"  and it was like that, to a point.  Although there was no Eric Northman, there was Rupert!  Even thought I thought at first he was just going to be a "player" to Madison, he actually needed up to be quiet different. I enjoyed how a painting and the characters in there was the main theme of the story.  It was different and enjoyable.  I loved how Marion Croslydon was able to go from the past to present time with ease.  I was concerned that it might be "choppy" but I was wrong. I think that book 2 will be just as good!

Not so great about the book:  I really don't have anything for this section.  I thought the book was good.  It was a different story line/love story.  I liked the history of the story but there was still modern points too!  I would recommend this book!

If you want to purchase the book you can here:

Elixir (Covenant #3.5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Goodreads description:

Aiden St. Delphi will do anything to save Alex. 
Even if it means doing the one thing he will never forgive himself for. 
Even if it means making war against the gods.



The moment I finished Deity I picked this book up!  I had too!! I needed more of Aiden and Alex!  This novella is from Aiden's point-of-view and I loved it!!

Jennifer did not disappoint in this novella!  This time we get to see all of his feelings and all the struggles he is going through to keep Alex save and alive!

There is non-stop emotions for Aiden in this book.  He does the one thing that he doesn't want to do to Alex.  Then there is the moment between Deacon (his brother) and him. Plus, let us not forget all the tension between Apollo and him!! I could go on but I don't want to spoil every part!!

Of course, Jennifer L. Armentrout leaves us with another cliffhanger *ggrrr!*.  However, we only have to wait until April 2013 for book 4!!!

If you want to purchase this novella you can here:

Deity (Covenant #3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Goodreads description:

"History is on repeat, and things didn't go so well the last time. "

Alexandria isn't sure she's going to make it to her eighteenth birthday--to her Awakening. A long-forgotten, fanatical order is out to kill her, and if the Council ever discovers what she did in the Catskills, she's a goner... and so is Aiden. 

If that's not freaky enough, whenever Alex and Seth spend time "training"--which really is just Seth's code word for some up-close and personal one-on-one time--she ends up with another mark of the Apollyon, which brings her one step closer to Awakening ahead of schedule. Awesome. 

But as her birthday draws near, her entire world shatters with a startling revelation and she's caught between love and Fate. One will do anything to protect her. One has been lying to her since the beginning. Once the gods have revealed themselves, unleashing their wrath, lives will be irrevocably changed... and destroyed. 

Those left standing will discover if love is truly greater than Fate...


I know that this book came out months ago but I couldn't bring myself to read it. Why, you ask?! Because I was so nervous about what was going to happen!!!!! At the end of Pure, I am not sure if Seth or Aiden would become my next fictional boyfriend.  It was all too much to handle!  Then there was Alex and all of her issues, I just wasn't sure what Deity held because Pure was SO GOOD!

Best Part of Book:  First, HOW COULD I HAVE DOUBTED JENNIFER L. ARMENTROUT!!!???  I mean seriously, what was I thinking?  Deity picks up where Pure left off and everything is a hot-mess in Alex's life.  Seth is hardly leaving her side and there is Aiden, who seems to be there when she needs someone the most!  That poor girl (yea, right!).  It wasn't until later in the book that I began to wonder what the heck was happening and then *BAM* Jennifer throw a twist into the book!  (and it is good!)  I was totally confused because I wasn't sure who was "good" and who was "bad"!?!?!?!  But, there was one part that made it all perfect!  I can honestly say that I am 100% TEAM AIDEN!  That Pure makes me *swoon*!

Not so great about book: If you have read the first two books, I think will understand when I say this: THIS IS THE BEST ONE YET!!!  There is not a single thing wrong with this book! NOTHING!!!!! It was a complete page turner and at the end I was yelling because I didn't want it to end!!!


If you want to purchase this book you can here:

If you have not read the first two here are the links for them:

 Book 1: Half-Blood

 Book 2: Pure

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Love and Blood by Jessica Gibson

Goodreads description: 
Bronwyn Fitzgibbons was young and reckless. It was easy for Ronan to steal her human life and make her a vampire. She ran, but she never forgot him--or how he made her feel.

Rider saved Bronwyn from the new life she loathed and the new self she detested. His love restored her sanity. 

Now Ronan is back to claim her. She struggles like hell against him, but she cannot deny the overwhelming power of her maker. Will Bronwyn surrender to the one who could possess her utterly? Or can she find the strength to choose the one who loves her as she is?


I received this book from the author for review.

I really enjoyed the prequel to this book.  This book was just as gripping, frightful and awesome!

Best part of book: I love Rider! There I said it and it's out in the open!  The way that he is towards Bronwyn is amazing, loving and caring! I think he is good and a perfect fit for her!  Then there is Ronan!  Oh Ronan is B-A-D but has such a strong connection to Bronwyn that is all he can think of.  He wants her...period! Now, Bronwyn cares and loves Ronan, but his recklessness with humans is something that she can't handle.  These are some serious vampires!  Now, of course there is more than just vamps in this story! There are wolves and Faes! OH YEAH!!  Jessica Gibson does a great job with the side stories.  She weaves them into the current story but still leaves us wanting more.  I am excited to see what the next book brings!

Not so great about the book: Well, it is not a bad thing, but the book kind of ended quickly.  BUT, I am very excited for Book 2!!!

You can purchase the book here:

12 Days of Fictional Boyfriends: Day 9

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Fictional Boyfriends and we thought it would be nice to do a "12 days of Fictional Boyfriends".  It is like the "12 Days of Christmas" but with hot men!

Okay, I couldn't think of any more boys I like who the other Book Nerds wouldn't want as a fictional boyfriend, so for my third day of these 12 Days of Fictional Boyfriends, I decided to follow Mary's lead and just post about my #1 fictional boyfriend, who incidentally is also from The Hunger Games...

Peeta Mellark!

Simply put, I once told a friend that "Peeta Mellark is the sweetest guy that was ever written in fiction."  I liked this image because it includes my very favorite quote from the series, which is actually said by Haymitch in Catching Fire, the second book of the trilogy.

I'm going to keep it simple, stop there, and make this interactive. What is your favorite thing about Peeta Mellark? Or your favorite quote of his?

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12 Days of Fictional Boyfriends: Day 8

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Fictional Boyfriends and we thought it would be nice to do a "12 days of Fictional Boyfriends".  It is like the "12 Days of Christmas" but with hot men!

Because I am having fun loving on the guys that my fellow Book Nerds will not, today's pick is...

Adam Parrish

This is from a Raven Boys dreamcast I grabbed from
So, I was a little bit of a slacker on the Book Nerds October read a long, so I didn't get to The Raven Boys until after Tee and Jacque had finished. They kept telling me that Gansey was going to be one of our fictional boyfriends. So I read a bit, met Gansey and thought, "Eh..." They told me to keep reading. I read some more and thought, "Eh..." Meanwhile, I kept insisting, "I like Adam! Adam is a cutie!" At the end of the day, I stand alone with Adam Parrish, and that's alright by me!

What's not to love about Adam?! He is a dedicated friend, a hard worker, and a gentle soul. Though he may take it a little too far, his pride will not let him accept handouts from those who would toss them to him like it was no big deal, because it wasn't. He is also, as Blue notes, brave. I believe her quote is something like, "I'm only going to say this once and then I'll be done with it: but I think you're awful brave." 

Since I don't have the book with me, it was a little hard to find some good Adam quotes, but here are a couple I like:

“Don't take this the wrong way," Blue replied. Her cheeks felt a little warm, but she was well into this conversation and she couldn't back down now. "Because I know you're going to think I feel bad about it, and I don't." "All right." "Because I'm not pretty. Not in the way Aglionby boys seem to lie." "I go to Aglionby," Adam said. Adam did not seem to go to Aglinoby like other boys went to Aglionby. "I think you're pretty," he said.” 

“She watched his throat move, and then, he reached out and touched her face. "You sure are pretty," he said. "It's the stone," she replied immediately. Her skin felt warm; his fingertip touched just the very edge of her mouth. "It's flattering." Adam gently pulled the stone out of her hand and a set it on the floorboards between them. Through his ingers he threaded one of the flyaway hairs by her cheek. "My mother used to say, 'Don't throw compliments away, so long as they're free." HIs face was very earnest. "That one wasn't meant to cost you anything, Blue." 

I am so curious to see how his actions at the end of The Raven Boys will affect everything that is going to happen in the next book. Also, in light of the whole Gansey situation, I am pretty sure my heart may break at some point.

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BLOG TOUR: Dazzle by Amber Garza

By: Amber Garza

Sixteen-year-old Delaney Scott possesses a special gift. Ever since she was a child she has known about her calling and the duty she’s expected to fulfill. However, all Delaney wants is to be normal. That’s why she is drawn to Sam. He can offer her t
he life she’s always desired. Only Sam has secrets of his own. Secrets that are deadly. Secrets that can change everything


Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Recommended Age Group
13 and Up

355 Pages

Amber Garza

Average Rating
5 of 5 Stars

What The Characters Are Saying
I stay with Sam even though I know it's all wrong. No one else makes me feel the way he does. It's as if when I'm with him something dormant in me comes alive. -- Delaney

Falling for Delaney would completely ruin everything. But there's just something about her, you know? She's different than I expected. She has a way of getting under my skin, despite my best efforts to keep her at a distance. -- Sam

She can help him find redemption. He can give her the life she wants. But falling in love will change everything. -- Sam and Delaney


The Author
Amber Garza

Amber Garza has had a passion for writing since she was a little girl, making books out of notebook paper and staples. Other than writing she is addicted to coffee, candy and reading. She lives in California with her husband, and two children.


12 Days of Fictional Boyfriends: Day 7

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Fictional Boyfriends and we thought it would be nice to do a "12 days of Fictional Boyfriends".  It is like the "12 Days of Christmas" but with hot men!

I had to...because none of the other Book Nerds will....

First, we swoon:

Okay, breathing yet?!?! I know! It was hard to choose just one picture, I assure you!! Also, I just want to point out this that Google's "Related Searches" list for when you Google "Jacob Black" includes "jacob black new moon," "jacob black shirtless," "jacob black twilight," and "jacob black shirt off." LOL.

But, alas, there's more to Jacob that just complete and utter hotness, so let's showcase his awesome personality via some great quotes from and about the series:

Jacob, to Bella
"It's just that, I know how you're unhappy a lot. And, maybe it doesn't help anything, but I wanted you to know that I'm always here. I won't ever let you down — I promise that you can always count on me. Wow, that does sound corny. But you know that, right? That I would never, ever hurt you?" (New Moon)

"I'm exactly right for you, Bella. It would have been effortless for us - comfortable, easy as breathing. I was the natural path your life would have taken... If the world was the way it was supposed to be, if there were no monsters and no magic..." (Eclipse)

Jacob, on imprinting
“It’s not like love at first sight, really. It’s more like… gravity moves. When you see her, suddenly it’s not the earth holding you here anymore. She does. And nothing matters more than her. And you would do anything for her, be anything for her… You become whatever she needs you to be, whether that’s a protector, or a lover, or a friend, or a brother.” (New Moon)

Bella, to Jacob:
"I used to think of you that way, you know. Like the sun. My personal sun. You balanced out the clouds nicely for me." (Eclipse)

Stephenie Meyer, on Bella and Jacob's relationship:
"Bella actually falls in love with Jacob in New Moon. It's understandable why this fact didn't occur to her: Bella had fallen in love only one other time, and it was a very sudden, dramatic, sweep-you-off-your-feet, change-your-world, magical, passionate, all-consuming thing. She didn't recognize the much more subtle falling-in-love she experienced with Jacob. She was only aware that she preferred being with him over everyone else, that he was constantly on her mind, and that his happiness was essential to her own. She also enjoyed being physically close to him in a way that she didn't with her other friends. But it took her a while to add up all the pieces."

*sighs* I just love him!! 
Okay, where are my Team Jacob pack mates?!?!

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12 Days of Fictional Boyfriends: Day 6

How could the 12 Days of Fictional Boyfriends pass without one of us mentioning Edward Cullen? 

I don't think I need to describe him to you.  Anyone who claims to be a "Book Nerd" should be WELL aware of Edward, but here it goes. 

He is described as exceptionally good looking, but that is the least of his desirable qualities.  He is strong, loving, immortal, well read, appreciates music, and is sensitive to Bella's needs. He quotes poetry, plays the piano, and listens to classical music.  Throughout the series, I was fascinated with how well spoken he is.  I would read and re-read just about every conversation he had with Bella.  While some may say that he is overprotective and controlling, I felt that he was simply trying to do everything within his power to protect her.  He loves Bella with every part of his being and would go to the end of the Earth for her.  He wanted nothing more than for her to be happy and to have every life experience that he was not able to enjoy as an immortal.  How could anyone not love a man who writes you a lullaby and sings you to sleep?

Edward is not only a vampire, but he has an exceptional talent.  He can read minds, with one very significant exception...Bella's.  This proves to be extremely useful in sensing impending danger as well as communicating with the wolves, Volturi, and others throughout the books.  He also dazzles, sparkles, and has morals...which many characters today are lacking.  He held onto his "virtue" for over 100 years just waiting for "his Bella" and is determined to protect hers until they are married.    

"Charlie, I realize that I've gone about this out of order.  Traditionally, I should have asked you first.  I mean no disrespect, but since Bella has already said yes and I don't want to diminish her choice in the matter, instead of asking you for her hand, I'm asking you for your blessing.  We're getting married Charlie.  I love her more than anything in the world, more than my own life, and - by some miracle - she loves me that way, too.  Will you give us your blessing?"

Here are some great quotes from throughout the series.

Bella to Edward: 

"I wouldn't use the word beautiful. Not with you standing here in comparison." 

“How many times had I stared at Edward and marveled over his beauty? How many hours – days, weeks – of my life had I spent dreaming about what I then deemed to be perfection? I thought I’d known his face better than my own. I’d thought this was the one sure physical thing in my whole world: the flawlessness of Edward’s face. I may as well have been blind. For the first time, with the dimming shadows and limiting weakness of humanity taken off my eyes, I saw his face. I gasped and then struggled with my vocabulary, unable to find the right words. I needed better words.”

“It was like he’d never kissed me – like this was our first kiss. And, in truth, he’d never kissed me this way before. It almost made me feel guilty. Surely I was in breach of the contract. I shouldn’t be allowed to have this, too.”

“He smiled the kind of smile that would have stopped my heart if it were still beating.”

Edward to Bella:

"Of all the things about me that could frighten you, you worry about my driving."

"I’m the world’s best predator, aren’t I? Everything about me invites you in — my voice, my face, even my smell. As if I need any of that!"

"You are the only one who has ever touched my heart. It will always be yours"

"I bit a pillow. Or two". We then find out that the room is filled with feathers.

"I don't know...I've already mangled the headboard beyond repair - maybe if we limit the destruction to one area of the house, Esme might invite us back someday."

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12 Days of Fictional Boyfriends: Day 5

Étienne St. Clair is not only my fictional boyfriend, but Flo's as well.  For those of you who have not met him yet, he is from Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.  He has perfectly messy dark hair, an English accent, and an amazing sense of humor.  He is a little on the short side, but he more than makes up for it with confidence and personality.  I absolutely loved some of the British slang that he used throughout the book. 

The picture that I selected is not the official book cover, but I think it is a very sweet and accurate depiction of Étienne and Anna. 

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

"I bought you love poetry!  I love you as certain dark things are loved, secretly, between the shadows and the soul."

"You're the most incredible girl I've ever known.  You're gorgeous and smart, and you make me laugh like no one else can.  And I can talk to you.  And I know after all this I don't deserve you, but what I'm trying to say is that I love you, Anna.  Very much."

"Anna.  Will you please tell me you love me?  I'm dying here."

Monday, December 17, 2012

12 Days of Fictional Boyfriends: Day 4

While Mary was on vacation I took over her Fictional Boyfriend posts, so I already told you about Noah Shaw and Lucas Delos.

Since it is December 17th, I thought I would share my favorite forever 17 rocker...Logan Keeley from the Shade series by Jeri Smith-Ready.  I searched high and low for a picture that I thought represented him.  I am embarrassed to say that this picture of Niall Horan, one of the members of One Direction, is dead on.  I was not familiar with the band, so I googled his age because he looked too young to be Logan.  He is actually it was settled.  This is how I pictured Logan as I was reading the series.

Logan is the lead singer of an Irish band known as the Kelley Brothers.  He died  at the very beginning of the first book in the series, but he is still around as a ghost.

He is a cute, arrogant, immensely talented musician who has girls chasing him from every direction.  He, however, only has eyes for his longtime friend and now girlfriend Aura.  She was always paranoid about the groupies, so he decided to get her name tattooed over his heart.

If you have not read Shade, Shift, and Shine (the three books in this trilogy) I would highly recommend that you do.  Book Nerd Teri turned me onto this series and I am extremely grateful that she did.

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The Descendant by Kelley Grealis

Goodreads Description:

Allison Carmichael wakes from a car wreck with no memory of the past three years. She doesn’t recall her husband’s death or how she alienated her friends, and she definitely doesn’t remember anything about her new boyfriend Vincent Drake – a charismatic man with a penchant for rare and unique possessions. In fact, the only things familiar to Allison are her seemingly common ailments – insomnia, lack of appetite, erratic body temperature – which have gone undiagnosed and are worsening. 

But Vincent knows exactly who, and what, Allison is – a mortal descendant of the first vampire. He is a vampire who has watched over Allison and her ancestors since the biblical times of Cain and Abel ensuring their secret is kept. Once he realizes Allison’s symptoms are accelerating and transforming her, he’ll stop at nothing to have her.

Allison discovers that she is a descendant and the first of her kind to exhibit signs of vampirism. She must decide between risking her mortal death if she cannot control her symptoms or fully transforming into a vampire and damning her soul for eternity. A decision made even more difficult when Allison discovers that Vincent has manipulated her life, and everyone in it, so that he can have the one thing no one else in the world has – the first descendant-turned-vampire.

THE DESCENDANT – A Vampire Tale of Biblical Proportions

Mary's Review:

I received this book from the author for a review.  Thank you Kelley for the book.

Best part of the book:  I enjoyed Allison's character very much.  Even though all this was happening to her she was able to process it with an adult perspective.  There was even (at times) that her humor broke up the tension.  I loved the Biblical part of the book.  To entwine the Bible and vampires made for a very interesting story line.  I enjoy story lines like this and Kelley did a very good job with it.  I have love/hate for Vincent.  Which means, I love to hate him!  His evil ways to creating this "world" for Allison.

Not so great about the book:  There is nothing that really sticks out that I didn't like about the book.  It flowed well and the story line was interesting.  The fight scenes were good, also.  Overall, this was a good book.

If you want to purchase this book, you can here:

Independence (Significance #4) by Shelly Crane

Goodreads description:

In the fourth and final installment, Maggie and Caleb must tie up all the loose ends of their lives and make a way to be together completely on their own. With everything that happened with Bish and Maggie's father, she's almost reluctant to move on and move out. And now she must figure out all of this...stuff...with Haddock. But of course, nothing can stay simple for the Jacobsons. Enemies who were thought to be dissolved have decided to not go down so easily. And old flames come calling for more than just Maggie. Caleb is torn between leading his family and personal wants. Maggie is torn between Caleb and being the leader of their people. But neither will let what they need most to be pushed to the wayside. They are determined to make it all work, design a plan toward destiny, and make everything right again for themselves and their family.

And then there's a wedding...


Let me tell you a quick story:

On Saturday night, Dec 15th, 2012 around 11:30pm.  I was sitting on my couch watching TV, when my phone alarmed me that I had an email.  I grabbed my phone (thinking it was spam mail), looked at it and saw that it said this: Shelly Crane Independence ARC.  *insert fangirl scream* I literally woke up my husband because I screamed! I was so excited, I couldn't sleep then.  I grabbed some tissues, a bottle of water and my blanket.  I laid on my couch (because I did not want to disturb my husband, again) and set out to read the final installment of my most favorite series.

I am so glad that I grab the tissues because the tears started right away!  Maybe it was because this was the end of the series, maybe it was just the heartache that Caleb and Maggie just can't catch a break and have a normal day of their lives!

Best part of the book: THE WHOLE BOOK WAS AMAZING!  Maggie and Caleb are still the greatest characters! The book picks up right where Book 3 left off at.  However, Maggie and Caleb just can't catch a break.  Just when we thought they would be able to head home, go to college and get married, another wrench is thrown into the plan.  Then when one problem gets solve another issue arises and it seems like a constant battle to the end.  The one thing that remains the same is Caleb and Maggie's love for each other.  Shelly Crane brought back all the character and each is a significant part of the story.  Of course, Shelly writes like a dream and I was craving more with every turn of the page!

Not so great about the book:  It's over!! *sniff* *hangs head*  I will miss them so much!  However, the plus side is I now have them all and I can continue to visit them whenever I want!

Thank you Shelly Crane for writing an amazing story and series.  You will always have my love and respect!

Independence is now live on Amazon.  You can purchase it here:

Pulled by Danielle Bannister

Goodreads description:

Naya Adams has given up on feeling loved. A walking cliché, Naya lost her parents in a freak car accident at thirteen and has been living with her detached foster ‘adults’ ever since. When Naya enrolls in one of the most respected theatre programs in New England, she is more than eager to trade in her pain for the spotlight. College would finally be the fresh start she’d longed for.

Unfortunately for Naya, her high school boyfriend, and abuser, Seth, tags along--trapping her in the cycle of tarnished love.

Accustomed to emotional numbness, Naya enters her first acting class, unaware of what was waiting on the other side of the door: her Twin Flame. Rarer and more intense than soul mates, Twin Flames search for centuries looking for their other half. It is in another student, an olive-skinned and terribly scarred sophomore named Etash, that Naya will discover what being loved really means.

Although they both try to resist each other, their bond is ultimately too strong. Together they’ll learn that this is not the first time they have been pulled together, nor will it be their last. 

But how will her abuser react to Naya’s new flame?

Mary's Review:

I received this book for the author for a review.  So, first I want to thank Danielle for the book! Thank you! Now for the review:

Best part of the book: I think out of this book I loved Etash the most.  From the moment he graced the page he was perfect for Naya.  I loved their interactions together and the fact they were staring in a Romeo and Juliet play just makes it better!!  Also, I loved their instant connection, but they were both unsure about it.  Etash's grandmother was a great part of their connection in the book.  I did not like Seth! But, that is because Danielle wrote him so well to be the villain of the book.  The main thing that I enjoyed about this nook was Danielle Bannister's twists in the book! LOVED IT! Plus, it was a really fast read!

Not so great about the book:  I did not enjoy the ending and here is why:  I thought it was going to be a cliffhanger (which it is) BUT there is an added story line at the very end and I am not sure how to take it.  It was a little confusing; however, I know that there is to be another part of this series and I am hoping the questions are answered then.

Overall, it is a good book.  If you would like to purchase the book, you can here:

Saturday, December 15, 2012

12 Days of Fictional Boyfriends: Day 3

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Fictional Boyfriends and we thought it would be nice to do a "12 days of Fictional Boyfriends".  It is like the "12 Days of Christmas" but with hot men!

My pick for Day 3 is: Decebel Anghelescu from the Grey Wolves Series.  Oh, I love Decebel!!! He is strong, loyal and the greatest Mate!! He is there for his family/friends and will do ANYTHING FOR THEM!!  He loves his mate, Jennifer, with every fiber of his being and I can't think of a better person to by fictional boyfriend!!

Now, there is currently 5 books in this series and more to come!  You can get the first book here (it is currently free):

8 Days of Hanukkah: Day 6

To celebrate the 8 days of Hanukkah, the four book nerds will each select an author or book series that is meaningful to us to share with all of you.

Shelly Crane.  Need I say more!!?? This woman has talent, a gift for writing and is a remarkable person and author.  I have loved everything that she has written, but one serious stands out further than the rest.  That series is the Significance series.

I don't think I can express how much I love this series!  I am captivated by every word and I love the character more than words.  

Another thing that I love about this series is that it is currently being turned into a movie.  That is correct: A  MOVIE!! Just last night the teaser trailer was released.  You can view it here:

I cannot wait for this movie and I cannot wait to see what Shelly Crane creates next.

If you want to purchase the first book of the Significance series you can here:

Friday, December 14, 2012

12 Days of Fictional Boyfriends: Day 2

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Fictional Boyfriends and we thought it would be nice to do a "12 days of Fictional Boyfriends".  It is like the "12 Days of Christmas" but with hot men!

We are on day 2 of the 12 days of fictional boyfriends.  I have chosen Kiran from Rachel Higginson's Star-Crossed Series.

Oh, Kiran you are beyond sexy and perfect!!

picture from Just Jared

*swoon*  oh you sexy sexy hot fictional man!!

If you have not meet Kiran you can here:  the 1st book of the series is currently FREE! ENJOY!

8 Days of Hanukkah: Day 5

To celebrate the 8 days of Hanukkah, the four book nerds will each select an author or book series that is meaningful to us to share with all of you.

Geesh! This was so HARD for me! I am a lover of series books! However, I was about to narrow it down to Rachel Higginson!

She is the author of my favorite series The Star Crossed Series. This series is amazing, outstanding and the most intense that I have read! The reason I said this is because of how she writes.  She makes you feel like you are right there with the characters fighting and feeling it all!! 

Plus (and I will say it again and again) she is the ONLY AUTHOR to make me fall in love with a character, then hate that same character and then fall right back in love with them!!  PURE TALENT!

Currently the first book of the series, Reckless Magic, is free.  Click the image below to get it:

You will love it as much as I do!!

Happy Reading and Happy Hanukkah (to those that celebrate)!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hell's Phoenix (The Road to Hell #2) by Gracen Miller

Goodreads description:

****First book in the series, Pandora's Box, is a MUST read or you will be terribly confused!!!!****

Hell’s become more than just a playground for the wicked…

Going to Hell was supposed to save Madison, but knowing she’s dead because of his failure leaves Nix with only one thing to live for. Revenge. With Micah’s help he learns to use his Messianic power. Anything for Mads has become his mantra, even if it means killing innocents to gather the power he needs to succeed. A tsunami he unleashes on a Gulf Coast city is stopped with magical interference, and Nix is more than surprised to feel Madison in the opposing magic. Can he and Micah set a trap to lure her out?

Pandora’s Box…once you open it, there’s no turning back!

Madison has done the unthinkable, opened Pandora’s Box to save Nix from Hell. And failed. She’s willing to risk her own life to rescue Nix, but she worries about the welfare of her accomplice in the mission and leaving her son behind. Following up on a lead, she’s ambushed by Nix and Micah. Shocked and hurt to discover Nix has become a willing participant of Hell, she’s more certain than ever she won’t escape the demonic fate her husband outlined for her. While in Hell, she discovers denying the emergence of her succubus is futile, which means getting Nix out of Hell after embracing her inner demon just became a very real dilemma…

MARY's Review:

Well, Gracen definitely knows how to keep a girl on the edge of her seat! Plus, she knows how to make a girl BLUSH!!

Best Part of the book:  Oh, Mads and Nix, you two are amazing!!! I can't put into words how the twist and turns throughout this book kept me on the edge of my seat.  I have never read a story like this.  Gracen Miller's imagination and talent is beyond measure!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! It's hard for me to go into too much detail because 1) I don't want to give anything away and 2) I might blush again!  Just know this ..... if you read book 1, YOU NEED TO READ BOOK 2!!!!!!!!!!!

Not so great about book: Curse you Gracen and your cliffhangers!!! GGGRRR *mean face* !!!! I am counting the days until book 3!!!

If you want to purchase the prequel, Maddison's Life Lesson, you can here:

If you want to purchase book one, Pandora's Box, you can here:

If you want to purchase book 2, Hell's Phoenix, you can here:

Don't Panic by Lindsay Paige

Goodreads description: 

Samantha Branson is having severe anxiety attacks. Her heart beats unusually fast, her breath quickens and her hands sweat. Every detail screams in her head that she is the center of unwanted attention. Everyone can hear her thoughts, her heart and her breathing. The silence of the classroom is so loud that focus is impossible.

After an attack lands her in the wrong bathroom, Sam meets Eli who offers to provide help. Faced with the return of her possessive ex-boyfriend and the blossoming of a new romance, Sam must find the strength inside herself to face her anxieties head on.


Oh Lindsay Paige you talent amazes me! I first fell in love with Lindsay's work when I read Sweetness.  I was so excited when she announced this book because it was different from the Bold as Love Series. Now, there is a downfall to Lindsay, she is a Pittsburgh Penguins fan.  *shakes head* Such a shame!  Since I am a Chicago Blackhawks fan we don't always see eye-to-eye.  But, I won't let that problem interrupt my review (this time!)

Best part of the book:  This is outstanding from page 1!  One thing that Lindsay does well is that she is very detailed in her writing.  With every attack that Samantha had I could actually feel her pain.  Every time Eli try to help her or talk to her I could feel her emotions!  I felt so bad for Samantha because you know that she is having a lot of problems and you want to help her, but can't.  That is why I loved Eli!  He was there for her since the first moment she ran into the wrong bathroom.  I love that he never gave up!! It was wonderful seeing his support for her.

Not so great about the book: I wish the book was a little bit longer.  I would have like to see more of the progression of some of the scenes.  However, the most important parts of the book are perfect!! Lindsay has another hit on her hands.

You can purchase the book here:

If you want to read Sweetness (Bold as Love #1), you can purchase it here:

Now, I was picking on Lindsay for being a Penguins fan, which I should not do.  So, I will leave you with a little something because she does love Sidney Crosby.  But, don't tell Lindsay that I think Marc-Andre Fleury is pretty cool!!