Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dead As A Doornail By Charlaine Harris

Poor Sookie! This waitress, who works at Merlotte's, from Bon Temps has battled vampires, weres, witches and now.......a sniper? Someone is going around and killing werewolves and werepathers and we know that in that last book Jason was turned into a werepather.  Plus, on top of that, Sookie still has her whole Eric-Bill issues. 

This chapter of Sookie life begins as she is taking Jason to HotShot to spend his first full moon with the other werepathers.  Calvin is there to meet then and Jason is off on his first transformation,

This is not Sookie's only problem, in the next few days, Calvin is shot and in critical condition and Sam is shot and cannot work. Now Sookie has to go to Eric to get a replacement, on Sam's orders.  All  Eric wants to talk about his memory lost.  Which Sookie does not want to because she does not want to tell Eric that he saved her life, that they had sex, and that she killed Debbie and Eric disposed the body.  owever, Eric agrees to send a bartender, Charles.  Sookie did not want to deal with any of this until *ding-dong* two private investigators show up and then shortly after that Alcide shows up.  (Poor Sookie).  Then, let's add to the pile, Sookie then gets shot and half of her house burns down. Now everyone is clamoring to take care of Sookie, but she just wants to be left alone.

I really liked this chapter of Sookie's life, but this girl really need a vacation!

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  1. Great review! It's crazy how the books are so different from the show. I think I may have to go and read the books now; it feels like I'm missing out on a lot.

    Have a great weekend! :)