Monday, August 29, 2011

Boys in Brackets

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Anyone who has followed our conversations on twitter and the blog knows that the Book Nerds LOVE to gush about our favorite YA Bachelors.  We all have our "teams" and enjoy debating over which of the bachelors is superior to all of the others.  In all actuality, we really do love them all.  To showcase some of our favorites we thought it would be fun to host a draft amongst the 4 Book Nerds and allow our followers to decide the overall winner.

The first step in this challenge is to guess which of the Book Nerds selected each bracket.  The first two people to correctly guess and post their answer as a comment to this post will win an AUTOGRAPHED Die for Me bookmark from Amy Plum.  Die for Me is one of our August read-alongs and is one of my favorite YA books.  I was beyond excited when Amy offered to send us some bookmarks for our readers that participated in the read-along.  I have two extras, which I would love to share with two lucky followers.

Please list in your comment an e-mail address or twitter name that we can use to contact you if you win.

The names to match up with the brackets are Mary, Jacque, Flo, and Terri.

Good Luck!!!


  1. Taking a wild stab here based on a few minutes of surfing your web sites :)

    Book Nerd 1- Mary
    Book Nerd 2- Jacque
    Book Nerd 3- Flo
    Book Nerd 4- Terri

    I know Terri is hardcore Team Jace and Peeta and also a card carrying member of TeamKilt - (although I know she <3's Logan too! Musicians!)


  2. im just guessing here. Book Nerd 1- Mary. Book Nerd 2- Jacque. Book Nerd 3- Flo. Book Nerd 4- Teri. Im pretty sure Mary is a vincent fan. And Jacque seems to like edward..

  3. Book Nerd 1- Teri
    Book Nerd 2- Flo
    Book Nerd 3- Mary
    Book Nerd 4- Jacque