Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley

Goodreads Description: 

Amber Walker and her older brother, Jake, have an abusive father. One night her brother's best friend, Liam, sees her crying and climbs through her bedroom window to comfort her. That one action sparks a love/hate relationship that spans over the next eight years.

Liam is now a confident, flirty player who has never had a girlfriend before. Amber is still emotionally scarred from the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father. Together they make an unlikely pair.

Their relationship has always been a rocky one, but what happens when Amber starts to view her brother's best friend a little differently? And how will her brother, who has always been a little overprotective, react when he finds out that the pair are growing closer? Find out in The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window.

Mary's Review:

O.  M.. G.!!!!!!!!!!! This book was recommended to me by the awesome @JennNun.  I put it on my "to-read" list, but it was not until I saw the review from Mandy over at I Read Indie Books, that I push it up my list and read it!

I was a FOOL because I did not read this book sooner.  I do not even know where to begin on how awesome this book was.  So, I will start from the beginning......

Jake and Amber are siblings and their neighbor is Liam, who is also Jake's best friend.  Jake and Amber suffer some serious abuse from their father.  One night when Amber is 8 and Liam is 10 he sees her crying and he sneaks through her window and comforts her (aaaawwwww!).  He continued to do that every night for 8 years!!! (I KNOW RIGHT!!!!)

Now, they all are in high school and Liam and Jake are the "the-big-guys" on campus and still very protective of Amber.  But, things have changed.  Liam is a "player" of sorts and Amber can handle people touching her.  They really are opposites but, the story has some twist and turns.

I am not going to spoil any of it, but I will say this.............READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I cried, I fell in love with Liam .... seriously!! I read it over and over again and I couldn't stop feeling amazed by the writing!