Sunday, January 26, 2014

Read: 401 Haiku Poems Book Review; Then: Write your own haiku to WIN!

Flo's Review
Does anyone remember back when all of us who are big Hunger Games fans were waiting for movie casting news of Cinna and President Snow? Someone started doing haikus on Twitter, and the next thing I knew I was spending hours creating and reading haikus about these two characters and why they are so important. I think haikus are great because they do not take long to compose, yet they are creative and fun. Haikus remind us that a poem does not have to be long to make an impact. I like that. In three lines you can convey silliness, deepness, emotion, love. In three lines you can make a statement. 

So when I got an email about a book of haikus, I thought it would be fun to take a look. The author, who goes under the pen name Kakos Kakos starts his book with an explanation of what a haiku is:

"In essence, Haiku is composed of just three lines. The first line is one to five syllables and this is where the poet makes a statement. The second line is one to seven syllables where the poet usually states emotion. The third line is one to five syllables where the poet states a bit of spiritualism."

Here are a couple from the book that I liked:

Curse the darkness
Rapidly blinking eyes
And light a candle

Dance girl dance!
Always swing your dress around
And worship your youth

Now it's your turn!
I want to see your haikus! Write me one or a few in the comments. I'll pick a winner of an autographed copy of In A Heartbeat by Loretta Ellsworth. Good luck and have fun!

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  1. I may have got a little carried away, but haikus are so much fun!!

    The light deserts me
    Surrounding me with darkness
    So lost without you

    Just a kiss goodbye
    A whisper of lips against lips
    And yet so much more

    Surrender your soul
    Breathe in and let it all go
    Into the unknown

    A storm rolling in
    Dust boots off. Head to the sky.
    Bring it on

    Fireflies and camp fires
    Laughter in your eyes. Easy smile.
    Yesterday come back