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Audiobook review: The Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare and Wesley ChuSo

Book Summary
From #1 New York Times bestseller Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu comes the first book in a new trilogy featuring the centuries-old High Warlock Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood after they survive the Mortal War.

Magnus Bane, a centuries old High Warlock, has taken possession of one of the great relics of the supernatural world, a powerful spell book of dark magic known as The Book of the White and there are many who want to claim it for themselves.

After the Mortal War where the part-human and part-angel Shadowhunters teamed with the part human-demon Downworlders to fight against the incursion of an army of demons, Magnus and his new lover, the mortal Alec Lightwood celebrate their survival and victory by escaping the supernatural battlefield of New York City by touring the world, but the world won’t leave them alone.

The first adult novel set within #1 New York Times bestselling author Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter series, written with award-winning science fiction author Wesley Chu, is a fantasy thriller that will give new readers a great way to enter the Shadowhunters world and give the millions of readers across the globe answers they’ve been looking for in this start of The Eldest Curses trilogy.

Flo's Review
Okay, this is going to be rambling and gushing in likely non sequential order. Hang on for the ride!

I ADORED THIS BOOK. ADORED. An easy, easy 5 out of 5 stars. I love Magnus and Alec so much. Together and individually. First -- individually. I will admit that I have not read The Bane Chronicles. Thus, I haven't really spent much time just in Magnus' head and with his thoughts. It was so nice. There is so much depth to him. Even as he doubted himself, I found that I saw him as Alec saw him and loved him because of it. Always ready to help. Trustful. Trustworthy. Loyal. Life of the party. Deep. Wise. Fun. This story was like taking time to really get to know someone who was just an acquaintance before, and now you feel like they are a dear friend. Alec, too. He's just so cute! Which, I mean, yes he's a fierce warrior. But being inside his head is so cute and endearing. I want to give him a big, long hug. He too has so many great qualities, and a lot of them are the same at Magnus'. Like attracts like. Now them together? They are my new favorite ship! I love them so much more, guys! I mean, I loved them before, but now I am truly swoony. They fit together so well, compliment each other so well, work together so well. I loved reading about them loving each other. I held my breath in fear toward the end because I wanted nothing to run their feelings for each other. 

And knowing how they end up at the end of Queen and Air and Darkness made this even more beautiful, because their scene at the end of QOAD is one of my most favorites ever.

The thing about Cassandra Clare is that you really leave each book feeling like you personally know the characters intimately. Like they are good friends of yours. Even though the books are fast paced and action packed, she really slows down to give you detailed, detailed descriptions of how the characters look in different scenarios. And she doesn't just tell you. She paints a picture. She sings you a song. She creates art. I love it, I love it, I love it.

This was interesting because it took place after the Mortal War. I don't think I realized that until about 1/3 way in. I knew it, but I was mixing it up with the end of Book #6 instead of Book #3 of the Mortal Instruments, so then I had to go back and adjust my thinking. But it was so fun to see so many of the characters from TDA in this story and to be able to smirk at all the foreshadowing. This book was also straight funny. I listened to the audiobook and there were several times that I just straight laughed out loud. Naturally, there a little twisty twist at the end to leave us intrigued and wondering all kinds of questions about how things went down. 

I flew through this audiobook. Overall I liked the reader, though I don't know...I didn't really connect with how he did some of the voices. Magnus was on point. The girls were fine. Shinyu (sorry if I'm misspelling -- I listened) and Alec kinda had weird voices, though.

So, in conclusion:

1) All the feels
2) Alec + Magnus 4EVER
3) Looks like I'm sucked into another trilogy

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