Saturday, February 22, 2020

The Serpent's Secret by Sayantani DasGupta

Book Summary

(Only she doesn't know it yet.)

On the morning of her twelfth birthday, Kiranmala is just a regular sixth grader living in Parsippany, New Jersey . . . until her parents mysteriously vanish and a drooling rakkhosh demon slams through her kitchen, determined to eat her alive. Turns out there might be some truth to her parents' fantastical stories-like how Kiranmala is a real Indian princess and how she comes from a secret place not of this world.

To complicate matters, two crush-worthy princes ring her doorbell, insisting they've come to rescue her. Suddenly, Kiran is swept into another dimension full of magic, winged horses, moving maps, and annoying, talking birds. There she must solve riddles and battle demons all while avoiding the Serpent King of the underworld and the Rakkhoshi Queen in order to find her parents and basically save New Jersey, her entire world, and everything beyond it . . .

Flo's Review
This has been on my TBR for a few months now and I'm glad I had the chance to get to it. What a fun journey! The action kicked off immediately and the pace didn't slow down once. The story that Sayantani has created, pulling from Indian folktales and stories is unique and fascinating. I've never read anything like it and quite enjoyed myself. Kiran is a great character through which to see this story and this other world. Her observations and funny and sharp. I just saw that book 3 is coming out in about a month, so I may go ahead and read book 2, Game of Stars, so I'm ready for it. 

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