Wednesday, January 13, 2021


I love the romance genre…everything about it. Yes, some are sappy and fluffy, but I need that in my life, and yes, I do watch Hallmark…sue me.  I especially love Rom-Coms. Long ago when Confessions of A Shopaholic came out I picked it up and have been hooked ever since. I see myself in the characters, more so than I would ever see myself in a mystery or thriller, I would never be in a situation most of them are in, I am not one to take chances or that much adventure. I am a person though that is clumsy, a bit goofy, guarded with my heart, and yes, a bit of a shopaholic  Rebecca Bloomwood and I have LOADS in common. Remember that time she was in New York and took that tour of Fifth Ave? 

It’s Saks Fifth Ave. Right there, across the street. One of the most famous department stores in the world…. ‘ This is one of New York's most famous landmarks ‘ he says with a gesture ‘ Many New Yorkers regularly visit the magnificent place of worship once a week or even more often. Some even make it here daily. We don’t have time to do more than a quick look inside…..’

’Shall we go in? ‘ says Christop at last

‘Absolutely! ‘ I say joyfully and hurry across the street toward the entrance. It is only as my hand is actually on the door that I realize no one else is with me. Where have they all gone? Puzzled I look back and the rest of the group is processing into a big stone church….


Oh, I see. When he said ‘magnificent place of worship’ he meant….

Laughing out loud and having to read it to my husband, he asked if Sophie Kinsella had ever met me.

I get excited every month for the new ones to hit the bookstores, with their candy-colored covers and realness of the characters ( for the most part ) so here are 8 upcoming Rom-Coms I am looking forward to over the next few months.

MUCH ADO ABOUT YOU by Samantha Young

Release date February 2

Run Away to England with Evangeline Starling to a quaint village that includes a temporary job at Much Ado About Books, the bookshop underneath her holiday let where she meets local farmer Roane Robson. But does she risk a holiday romance that has the potential of breaking her heart?

THE LOVE SQUARE by Laura Jane Williams

Released February 9

Can unlucky in love Penny Bridge actually find love?  Penny suddenly has plenty of romance in her life when a man comes her way, and then another one, and another one. Will she learn to trust and love again, and which of these remarkable men, if any will she fall for?


Released March 9

We were introduced to the  Brown sister ins Hibbert's book Get A Life Chloe Browm, and she is back with book three of the Friends book series and this one is all about flighty sister Eve as she descends on Jacob Wayne and his Bed and Breakfast, turning his world upside down.

FLOAT PLAN by Trish Doller

Released March 2

Heartbroken after the loss of her fiancĂ© to suicide, Anna takes a cruise in the sailboat he left her, one they were supposed to take together. She hires sailor Keane to operate the boat after a rough stormy night. This romance, though does have funny moments is more about finding love after a loss and starting over. This is Doller’s debut adult book.

LIFE’S TO SHORT by Abby Jimenez

Released April 6

From the author of The Happily Ever After Playlist, Vanessa Price quits her job so she can live her life. After neither her mother nor sister made it to the age of 30, she no longer wants to take it for granted. She finds herself somehow in charge of a baby and living next door to hot lawyer Adrian Copeland. Too bad, she has taken a vow not to get involved.


Released  May 11

Beach Read’s Emily Henry is back with a new book titled People We Meet on Vacation. Long time best friends until a falling out during one of their yearly vacations together ruins their friendship, Poppy missed what she once shared with Alex and is determined to get their friendship and hopefully more rekindled when she asks him to take one more vacation together.

ONE LAST STOP by Casey McQuiston
Released June 1

The author who gave us Red White and Royal Blue ( who didn’t love this romance? ) is back with her second book One Last Stop. The book is a bit of a spa on Kate and Leopold that is the story of August who doesn’t believe in once in a lifetime love but falls for Jane her subway crush who is stuck in time from the 70s. Sounds perfectly magical and sexy.


Released July 13

Rich Hollywood It girl Piper is cut off from her money, finding herself stuck in a small Northwest beach town. There she meets Brandon, a gruff but sexy sea captain who doesn’t think she belongs in the town of Westport or that she can last a week away from the bright lights and luxury of LA. Will she stay or will she go?

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