Sunday, February 7, 2021

Book Review: Zero Day by David Baldacci


Jacque's Review:

I have read all of Baldacci's King and Maxwell series and decided to start the John Puller series. The King and Maxwell series was about a couple of former secret service agents who become private investigators. I loved that series and hope he will release additional books, but this is another great series with a similar feel.

John Puller is a former Army Ranger and war hero. He is now working for the Army's Criminal Investigations Division and is one of their top investigators. When a Colonel, his wife, and two children are found murdered in a small town in West Virginia, Puller is sent to investigate. He finds the situation extremely unusual because he would usually be accompanied by a team of investigators. In this case, the Army insists he must work alone. The Colonel had access to high level classified information and Puller is convinced the Army is trying to keep something under wraps. He begins collaborating with Samantha Cole, who is a local police officer. She was born and raised in Drake and her brother-in-law is by far the wealthiest man in town. He owns and operates a coal mining business and has a number of other businesses in town. Teaming up with Cole gives him access to just about everyone and everything in town.

When additional bodies start turning up and attempt are made on Puller and Cole's lives, they begin to realize this is more than just a military or personal family matter. The colonel wasn't the victim of a random act of vilience and the killers are still after something. Puller and Cole must get to the bottom of things before the entire town falls victim. 

This was a fast paced and highly entertaining start to the series. If you enjoy murder mysteries / thrillers, this was an excellent read. I wasn't able to unravel the mystery until everything was pretty much spelled out for me in the end, but it made perfect sense in retrospect. I will definitely continue the series to see what is in store for Puller in The Forgotten.

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