Thursday, May 20, 2021

Tuned In Thursdays featuring the new single " Empire Builder " by Typhoon

 As a former music blog owner, I needed at least a week to post some music, because even bookish people love music right? So starting today, every Thursday I will highlight a new single by a band you may or may not have heard before. 

For my first post, I am featuring Typhoon. The band hails from Portland and has just released their lead single and video for " Empire Builder " from their 5th studio album titled Sympathetic Magic, which came out back in January via Roll Call Records.

The video is an animated train trip across the states and through the mind and was created by Casey Jarman.

Frontman Kyle Horton had this to say about the video:

“Casey Jarman is a true mensch and deserves every good thing coming to him. We met in 2006 after he wrote what I'm pretty sure was the first article about Typhoon to appear in a reputable publication.  In the intervening years, he has become the best friend/critic/cheerleader / big brother figure a band could ask for.  Yes, he is a great writer, a gifted performer, and now a damn fine animator, but he is really one thing - a good, intelligent person with a kind and curious mind.  Everything else just flows from that.”    
You should really watch this video.  Like the song, it's a train trip across America and through the mind.  It also took Casey, like, a hundred hours to make and it only takes you four minutes to watch."

Watch the video for Empire Builder below:


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