Thursday, June 10, 2021

Tuned In Thursdays: Listen to " It's Not An Accident, It's Love " by Polarized Eyes

I am going to liven things up over here and throw on a new single that sounds a lot like old school punk.
It's Not An Accident, It's Love is by UK band Polarized Eyes.

The band consists of...wait for it...16 and 17 year olds. Imagine the future these kids have ahead of them.
The band consists Noah Lonergan ( vocals and guitar ) Amber Welsh (bass ) Michael Barlingieri (guitar) and Harry Heard ( drums ) 

All of them were brought up properly on the music of Patti Smith, The Who and The Clash and their sound is influenced by Nirvana, Royal Blood and Idles. They've been friends since they met at their North London primary school and started making a noise together in 2018.

Polarized Eyes  write powerful songs that capture the zeitgeist of Gen Z – from global warming and toxic masculinity to racism and corruption.

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