Monday, December 12, 2022

The Duke and I by Julia Quinn


Jacque's Review:

I actually watched the Netflix series when it was first released and decided to read the books before watching the second season. This is a must read for anyone who enjoys the series. The series followed along pretty closely with the book, but there is more detail in the book, which is almost always the case.

Each book in the series focuses on one of the Bridgerton siblings. This installment is about Daphne, who is the oldest daughter in the family, but the fourth of eight siblings. It is time for her to enter society and find a husband, but she has very little interest in the process and suitors have very little interest in her. With three overly protective older brothers, who are friends with most of the eligible bachelors, her prospects look bleak.

The Duke of Hastings is one of Anthony Bridgerton's closest friends and is considered the prize of the season, but he too wants nothing to do with marriage. All of the mothers are forcing their daughter on him, so he decides to talk Daphne into pretending they are courting. They agree that it could be a win win. It would increase the interest in Daphne while keeping the ladies and their mothers at bay.

One of the highlights of the book for me was the mystery behind Lady Whistledown. She publishes a gossip paper about all of society's elite and seems to have insider knowledge and first hand accounts that very few people would have access to. She was revealed at the end of the first season on Netflix, so I was scouring for clues from the very beginning of the book to see if it was revealed at any point. I do not think anyone could have uncovered the mystery until it was revealed to readers, so it is not surprising that the characters are still in the dark.

This is a highly entertaining and humorous love story that was a quick read for me. I am excited to learn more about the rest of the Bridgerton's as the series continues. They are a close knit family with some very unique personalities. Anthony, who is the oldest son and head of the house, will be the focus of the next book. He really does not seem like the type who is ready to settle down, so I can't wait to see who he will choose as a potential wife. 

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