Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Book Review: The Soulmate by Sally Hepworth


There’s a cottage on a cliff. Gabe and Pippa’s dream home in a sleepy coastal town. But their perfect house hides something sinister. The tall cliffs have become a popular spot for people to end their lives. Night after night Gabe comes to their rescue, literally talking them off the ledge. Until he doesn’t.

When Pippa discovers Gabe knew the victim, the questions spiral...Did the victim jump? Was she pushed?

And would Gabe, the love of Pippa’s life, her soulmate...lie? As the perfect facade of their marriage begins to crack, the deepest and darkest secrets begin to unravel.


Soulmate, the newest book by Sally Hepworth was a hard book to put down and kept me reading late into the night. The book centers around Pippa and Gabe, who have bought their dream home, high on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The only problem is that the cliff is where people come to take their lives, jumping over the edge and plunging into the ocean. Since living there, Gabe has become something of a town hero, by going out when he spots a person on the ledge and talking them off, saving their lives. This all comes to an end one night when Gabe fails to save the jumper.

We weave through the story by hearing two POVs- Pippa’s and Amanda, the girl that Gabe was unable to save from jumping. It also alternates between Then and Now timelines to get the full story. I am usually not a fan of dual timelines, I have gotten a bit tired of them, but Hepworth does her’s justice and made sense, making the story seem more interesting to me. The timelines also keep the story moving, showing the characters' uncertainty as it grows and they try to figure out who they can trust.

The story builds slowly, but it is certainly not a slow read, the pace just lets the story unfold at a perfect pace, letting the reader get to know the major players, their secrets, and their feelings. There are twists and turns, and there are secrets that each character holds that will play into the ending. 

Sally Hepworth has always brought good suspense, and The Soulmate will join her previous books, making her a go-to suspense read if she isn’t already. You will pick up this book and keep reading from the moment you start it until you close the back cover. Definitely pick this one up.


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