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A gorgeous debut, laced through with magic, following four generations of women as they seek to chart their own futures. Evangeline Hussey’s husband is dead―lost at sea―and she has only managed to hold on to his Nantucket inn by employing a curious gift to glimpse and re-form the recent memories of those around her. One night, an idealistic sailor appears on her doorstep asking her to call him Ishmael, and her careful illusion begins to fracture. He soon sails away with Ahab to hunt an infamous white whale, and Evangeline is left to forge a life from the pieces that remain.

Her choices ripple through generations, across continents, and into the depths of the sea, in a narrative that follows Evangeline and her descendants from mid-nineteenth century Nantucket to Boston, Brazil, Florence, and Idaho.


I am one of those people who read Moby Dick without having too. That is right, I picked it up on my own, without a teacher telling me I HAD to read it. I also really enjoyed it. So when I read the description of Tara Karr Roberts Wild and Distant Sea, it caught my attention instantly and I knew I needed to read it.

Wild and Distant Seas takes on a different search then Moby Dick, it is the search for the famous Ishmael of the original story, not the legendary white whale, and the search is conducted by his females decedents. If you have read Moby Dick will might recognize Evangeline Hussey as the Inn Keeper. Wild and Distant Seas begins with her and Ishmael and travels with a bit of magical realism through his and hers female line.

Roberts has written and impressive debut with this one. It is choked full of rich historic detail and beautiful characters that are woven flawlessly throughout the generations. This alone will keep you reading and turning those pages to learn the characters unforgettable stories.

This was a fantastic story, I can not stress that enough, and it was a joy to get lost in . The writing will transport you to the locations and time periods and you will live in them. If you like Historical Fiction, literary fiction, or just take offs of stories you have read in the past, pick up the Wild and Distant Seas. 

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