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In scenic Granite Harbor, life has continued on―quiet and serene―for decades. That is until a local teenager is found brutally murdered in the Settlement, the town’s historic archaeological site. Alex Brangwen, adjusting to life as a single father with a failed career as a novelist, is the town’s sole detective. This is his first murder case and, as both a parent and detective, Alex knows the people of Granite Harbor are looking to him to catch the killer and temper the fear that has descended over the town.

Isabel, a single mother attempting to support her family while healing from her own demons, finds herself in the middle of the case when she begins working at the Settlement. Her son, Ethan, and Alex’s daughter, Sophie, were best friends with the victim. When a second body is found, both parents are terrified that their child may be next. As Alex and Isabel race to find the killer in their midst, the town’s secrets―past and present―begin bubbling to the surface, threatening to unravel the tight-knit community.


Granite Harbor, the new thriller by Peter Nichols was one of those books that I started one night, put it down after just a few pages because I got busy, and then a week later picked it up and was hooked from that moment one.

I am always up for a thriller, it is probably my favorite genre, but when you add in a serial killer, there is no way I will pass it up. Granite Harbor gave me my serial killer, along with some gruesome murders, and a setting of a small town in coastal Maine, which I always seem to imagine being isolated. Personally I don't know this, I have been just over the border into Maine, but in my mind all the coast of Maine is isolated ( yeah I know Kennebunkport is hardly small or isolated, let me have my imagination )

The murder of Shane, a highschooler in Granite harbor shocks the town, and new Detective Alex Branwen is tasked to find the murderer. The murder does take on a bit of a personal note with him, when he finds out his teenage daughter is friends with Shane. 

Alex's personal life is a bit of a side story with his daughter and his ex wife, it breaks up the thriller at times when you might need it.

I absolutely loved the murder, or I should say how the murders were done. It was something I had never heard of before, so for me very original. I am not going to tell you any more about it to keep from spoiling, but it was definitely a first for me and very interesting.

There are quite a few people that have roles in this story, both major and very small parts, and I am usually a bit confused by a lot of characters, my ADHD mind, has a hard time keeping track of them all, however, Granite Harbor was very well written and it was never a problem with me as I read along. Mainly the POV is Alex's but there are several chapters in the book that gives us the killers POV, especially on his past. These chapters give us a look into his mind, yet are written so he or she's identity is not given away. All the characters here were well written and their place in the story was well thought out.

The beginning can come off as a bit slow, but I find a good built story usually is to an extent. Getting to know the characters and the world they live in is important to me, but I will tell you that the end picks up and is more fast paced. I had a hard time putting the book down toward the end.

This book is dark, disturbing, and gruesome. It has a lot of trigger issues, including animal cruelty, so please take note. BUT...its a great read if you can get past those.

Thank you to Celadon Books for this great read.

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