Friday, December 17, 2010

Read Along

Ok I have wanted to do a read along for a while and I have not been able to decide on which book so I have chosen 2 books to do for the month of January!
I have chosen two books that have been turned into movies and will be coming out in 2011.
The first book is called: “I AM NUMBER FOUR”.  I was not sure about this book until one of my booknerd friends told me about and I cannot wait to start this.  This is already turned into a movie and will be in theaters in February 2011.
The second book is: “Jane Eyre”.  This book is a pure classic.  I read in high school (as I am sure lots of people have done) but I have realized here lately that the books I was “forced” to read are probably my most favorite.  However, here recently I have been reading the “older” classics and I realized how much they really pertain to my life.  The struggles, the love,  the heartache, and even the happy ending all of this is part of life.  Even if the book was written 100 or 200 years ago it is still the same (the difference is Wi-Fi, Twitter, and Facebook).  I also chose this because they have redone this and will be out in theaters in the spring of 2011!  I cannot wait to see this one!
So, get ready starting January 01, 2011 – let the read a long begin!

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