Thursday, December 2, 2010

Conversation By Mary

 I recently got into a conversation about “book series”.  I am a lover of book series!  I would rather read a series of books than just one book.  I have my reason why – and if you want to know them read my previous blog posts.
Anyway, this person asked me to think about which book series that I have read explains me in the best way.
First my heart raced at thinking about the Twilight series.  You see I have found my Edward, only he isn’t 110 years old or a vampire.  Plus, I am a very independent woman and nothing like Bella.  As much as I love my “twilight” series I can complete a sentence (well sometimes).  So, I wouldn’t be about to compare myself to the twilight series.
Then I consider then Sookie series (I am sensing a pattern of vampires here…hhhhmmmm).  Then again I am not telepathic or in love with such a southern gentleman.
So, what about Harry Potter – the boy who lived! Ok, I might be a little bit like Hermione but I don’t think that I can defeat Lord Voldermort to save the world.  (I would not want to break a nail)
Could I be Grace from the Mercy Falls series? Nah, I am not very sensitive and I would not want to “comb” out my true love every night.  (Ok that was a bit mean but Grace and Sam are meant for each other)
There is always Clary from the Mortal Instruments series.  Could I fight evil to bring my mother back from a coma from my evil father and be in love with my brother? (There is more to that story then that little summary)
Then I figure it out……………….Katniss from the Hunger Games.  The hunger Games has to be my all time favorite series.  Katniss (in short) is what every good human being should be – male or female.  I think I am like Katniss because of these reasons:
·         She volunteer herself to save her little sister – I would save anyone in my family
·         She fought to the death without using her weapons all the time – I have the common sense to do the same.  I might not want to but I could to survive.
·         She try to save her homeland (or district 12) – I think that I am involved with every local community group that exist in my area to help clean it up and save it from drugs, prostitutes, and crime.
·         She fell in love with someone that she wasn’t sure about at first – well that is my boyfriend and me.  My boyfriend and I did not even really like each other at first.  Then he did something very sweet for me and I never looked at him the same and soon I was in love.
This is why I think I would compare that series to my life than others. 

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