Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Booknerds in Love Triangles: Twilight Saga By Stephenie Meyer

Mary's Review:

Twilight. Just saying that one word makes me think of one person. Well, at least one vampire. I am all the way TEAM EDWARD. I think that Edward is a perfect fictional character: strong, smart, loving, and immortal. I cannot imagine anyone being describe so perfectly. I could write forever on Edward (but the other Booknerds need to weigh in too). So, here is a few quick examples on why I am Team Edward. He saved Bella more times than I can count, James, Victoria, Riley, and the Voltori. He quotes poems, plays piano, and listens to classical music. He loves Bella with every part of his being and would go to the end of the Earth for her. Oh yea and he is a hot vampire!

Jacque's Review:

I was a Harry Potter fan who could not for the life of me understand why the first three Twilight movies were breaking all of the Harry Potter records.  Last November, I decided to find out for myself.  I reluctantly started reading Twilight.  As soon as I was introduced to EDWARD, I totally understood.  I ended up reading all four of the books and bought all of the movies in less than a month.  Edward is described as exceptionally good looking, but that is not what attracted me to him.  I was fascinated with how well spoken he is.  I would read and re-read just about every conversation he had with Bella.  While some may say that he is overprotective and controlling, I felt that he was simply trying to do everything within his power to protect her.  He wanted nothing more than for her to be happy and to have every life experence that he was not able to enjoy as an immortal.  He is brilliant, well read, appreciates music, and is sensitive to Bella's needs.  How could anyone not love a man who writes you a lullaby and sings you to sleep?  Edward truly is perfection.

Flo's Review:

It's fitting that I'm writing this today, because yesterday I just scored a TEAM JACOB messenger bag for $4 from a closing Blockbuster! And as I am writing this, I am relaxing in my Team Jacob yoga pants. A friend asked me earlier this year, "How can you be Team Jacob when you know how it ends?" A lot of people assume that I'm Team Jacob because of Taylor Lautner -- let's face it, he is an attractive young man. But I was Team Jacob even before I saw any of the movies. Jacob's body temperature is naturally warm because he's a werewolf, and I think this is a representation of his personality. To me, Jacob is always warm and loving. He loves Bella as she is and does not want or expect anything else from her except to be herself. "You wouldn't have to change for me, Bella," he tells her. She could be with him as she is -- she can completely be herself around him, and he can completely be himself around her. I think a part of my Team Jacob tendency comes from the fact that I tend to root for the underdog. (Pun TOTALLY intended!) Yet, even though Jacob knows that his chances are slim, he does not give up. His love is not dependent on her loving him in return. He swears to her that he will never give up on her, and even when she makes choices that hurt him, he is still the same -- constant, dependable, loving Jacob.

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