Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday's 10 with Philana Boles

For this week's Tuesday's 10, I would like to introduce everyone to Philana Boles.  She is the author of Glitz, a YA book released February 3, 2011. The following is a description of the book from barnesandnoble.com.

Ann Michelle is tired of her boring, sheltered life. She longs for something real. Then she meets Raquel Marissa Diaz–Raq for short. Sassy, streetwise, and totally fearless, Raq is everything Ann Michelle isn’t. She has a voice to die for and the attitude to go with it, and she'll stop at nothing to be a star. All Ann Michelle wants is to go along for the ride. Even if that means leaving home to go on the road with Piper, both girls' favorite hip-hop artist. And shedding her identity along the way to become Glitz, a bolder– but not necessarily better–version of herself.
Crackling with authenticity, energy, and heart, Philana Marie Boles's first young adult novel is about the true meaning of friendship and the pitfalls of fame.


Here are 10 fun facts submitted by Philana about herself.

  1. I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. But I've lived in New York for so long that I feel like a native New Yorker, now.
  2. I started writing poetry and short stories in the first and second grade and started sketching fashion then, too.
  3. So far, as an adult, I have accomplished a lot of my writing goals.  Now I plan to conquer my fashion design dreams, too.  Stay tuned.
  4. Of all the authors that I've had the pleasure of appearing at book events with, my most memorable one was with Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo.  Unimaginably cool.
  5. For the past ten years my favorite color has been black.  All of a sudden recently I've reverted back to my favorite colors as a child, which are fuchsia and orange.  When I see either of those colors it makes my spirit dance.
  6. Sometimes I like to listen to movies without looking at the screen and re-imagine the scenes in my own head, even re-casting myself.  My favorite roles have been Baby in Dirty Dancing, Sandy in Grease, and Dorothy in The Wiz...ha ha.
  7. Of all the things that I have accomplished, the one that brings me the most joy is inspiring children.  Kids are amazing, so honest and fun, and they don't yet know to be snobs.  That's the coolest thing and how we as adults should ideally be.
  8.  I love music.  In fact, I will probably always work behind the scenes in some capacity.  I've done music p.r. for years, but I plan to segue into songwriting now.  Most musicians can be, um, let's just say... a challenge. ;)
  9. Random things that make me happy: wind chimes, dolphins (I was once kissed by one), seeing my family, dogs, the ocean, sunflowers, pink roses, things that bling, and random gentlemen who hold open the door for me.
  10. Despite all of the bad things in the world and misfortune that surrounds us as a people, I still believe good will always overcome evil and everything will be okay.
I would like to thank Philana for taking the time to participate in our Tuesday's 10.  As an added bonus...She is giving away an autographed copy of Glitz, which she will personalize for the winner!!  The winner will be announced at her book signing in Toledo on April 23rd.  To enter the contest, please enter a comment to this post telling us why you enjoy YA books.  That should be easy enough for any Book Nerd.


  1. YA books are the best. They have the most room for character development and are the most FUN. And the authors are seriously creative!

  2. I teach YA's and love discussing books with them!

  3. I love YA books because the characters are real.