Thursday, June 30, 2011

Breaking Dawn Read Along: Chapters 6 - 8

Flo here to guide you through chapters 6 - 8 of Breaking Dawn. Y'all. I had so much fun with these chapters!!  (This link is rife with spoilers, so don't click it if you're not down with that, okay?)

To avoid posting spoilers on the blog we created a separate page for our Breaking Dawn Re-Read Along reviews.  Please take this as fair warning.  The following link CONTAINS SPOILERS.  If you have not read the book and do not want to have it ruined for you, you SHOULD NOT click on this link.  I can't imagine that there are any BookNerds that have not read the book, but I wanted to make sure this was crystal clear ahead of time. We would LOVE to hear your comments.  As I am sure you have noticed, the BookNerd admins don't always have the same opinions about the books we read.  I am sure our followers have additional opinions that could lead to some great discussion.

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