Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Greek Week: The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

I loved the Percy Jackson and the Olympians saga. After I finished reading all five of those books, I picked up the first book in author Rick Riordan's lateast series, The Kane Chronicles. And I didn't like it.

So I had no idea what to expect when coming in to The Lost Hero. In fact, it's been sitting on my TBR (to be read) pile for many months now, and I just now got around to it. Boy am I glad I did! It only took a few pages for me to be immediately immersed and invested back into the world I loved so much in Percy Jackson.

In The Lost Hero, we are introduced to Jason, Piper and Leo at the Wilderness School, which is a school for difficult children. Jason, however, has no memory. He does not know who he is or how he got to the school. Soon enough, the three are taken to Camp Half Blood where they are claimed and sent on a quest.

There were several things I loved about this book. As always, Riordan is a master of writing action scenes that leave you holding your breath and characters that make you laugh and want to give them a hug. Jason, Piper and Leo's adventures were fresh and entertaining, and I loved discovering them as they discovered themselves and what they could do.

I also enjoyed seeing Camp Half Blood from a new perspective. In the Percy Jackson series, we were only able to experience it as Percy did. In The Lost Hero, we learn more about the camp and see it through multiple eyes. I love, love the way characters from Percy Jackson are so well integrated into this new saga! Annabeth, Clarisse, Chrion -- and even those demigods who died got mentions.

Running parallel to the the story of the three new demigods' quest is the story that Percy Jackson is missing. Only at the end do we discover how he disappeared and where he is. This revelation sets up the next book in the Heros of Olympus saga, which you can guarantee I will be picking up as soon as it comes out in October.

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