Monday, October 17, 2011

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

I am so glad that I read this book! The first person that I called when I finished this book was my mother.  My mother is an older woman (now) but was a teenager at the same time  this book was set in.  She was actually able to tell me more than what the book entailed.  She told me more about the sit-ins, the protests, and what it really meant to be in a different "class".  I felt like what she was saying happened a million years ago, but it was not. 
Skeeter knew that the world could change but she was not sure how to change with it.  It was the 1960's in Mississippi: Ablieen Clark was a black maid who worked for Skeeter's best friend and Minny, also a black maid who got fired from one job and had to lie to get another. 

Now, as badly as I want to tell you eveyr inch of this book.....I am not going to.  Because I feel that everyone need to read this book.  I laughed at Minny's craziness, I cried at Skeeter's and Ablieen's frustrations, and I cheered for the ending. 

It truly deserved every award it receives.


  1. Great book! And I liked your minimal review. Just wanted to plug the movie too -- the book is better (of course) but the movie is VERY well done.

  2. Agreed! This is such a good book! EVERYONE needs to read it! :)

  3. Took me awhile to convince myself to read this, but I am glad I did. The dialect is hard to get used to at first but provides some authenticity to the subject matter. All in all a great book. Not sure if I should disappoint myself with watching the movie now...

  4. This book is definitely going to be highly recommended for others. Not only is it well-written, it is a small glimpse into the lives of thousands of women who have toiled namelessly for families who never noticed that they were there or if they did notice them, they took their presence for granted.

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