Friday, October 21, 2011

Hourglass by Myra McEntire

Flo's Review: Michael made me miss my bus stop. He did. I was engrossed in a very action-heavy scene, mentally screaming, "Michael!! Noo!!!" when I thought to glance up and saw the bus driving away from the spot where I was supposed to get off. Needless to say, I did enjoy this book. Emerson is a strong, female character in all aspects of the word: physically, because she is a little thing (petite like me!) but she can flip a grown man. Strong emotionally because she makes the choice to fully be alive, rather than just present in life, but fully doped on medicines. I do have to say that there are a few scenarios in the book that I would have liked more explanation for. A lot of things were hinted at and suggested, then just simply accepted by Emerson. I would have liked McEntire to be more plain in some of her explanations. Also, I think Riverbend Park would have made an amazing epilogue. (I am trying to be non-spoilery, but if you've read the book, you should know what I mean.) I have a feeling the second book will start off with maximum velocity now that a lot of the explanation is out of the way.

Teri's Review
Uggg..I have the most embarrassing confession..don't laugh at me..but I do not understand time travel AT ALL .Seriously! You know that part in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure where they travel into time to get the key to get them out of jail?Yea...I was as confused as Ted was in the whole move. And don't EVEN get me started on the Back to the Future movies! So when I picked up Hourglass and read the cover, I felt I was doomed. The book does deal with time travel and there were parts of the book I still went Huh? in, you know wormholes, portals, stopping time, but it wasn't so bad that I didn't enjoy the book. And luckily for the most part I was able to understand it, as long as I read it and didn't dwell on what they were doing. I liked all the characters in this book, which is kind of unheard of from me..Micheal, Kaleb and Emerson, and even the lesser characters such as Emerson's family and her best friend Lily. The romance between Micheal and Emerson was electrifying ( hee hee, you will understand if you read the book) with some occasional interference from Kaleb and Ava. Toward the end of the book, there are some WOW moments, but I'm not going to spoil them for you. Read it for yourself. Then come back, and try to explain to me those parts that confused me, you know..the time travel parts..I'm really wanting to take on Dr. Who!

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