Thursday, November 10, 2011


Do you love Hunger Games?  Do you love books?  Do you like to try an occasional drink every now and then?  Do you love Haymitch?  If you answer YES to any of these questions then you need to hop over to and listen to Haymitch Happy Hour Hosted by Mary and Flo. Haymitch Happy Hour is a radio program show that discuss different books.  Along with that, and keeping with the theme of Haymitch, there will be a special drink featured each week. Each Friday night at 9 pm Eastern time you can hear Mary and Flo's opinions on a different book each week.  The discussion will include the characters, theme, likes/dislikes of the book of the week and THE DRINK OF THE WEEK!!

Flo and Mary would like to thank Sam Cushion for giving us this opportunity.

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  1. I SO want to hear this week's episode discussing one of my favorite authors Amy Plum and Die for Me. M & F, PLEASE make sure I am awake. After the midinght showing of Breaking Dawn, boot camp at 9 AM, work, then playing with the wee man after school...I will be lucky to see 9:00. I'm not kidding.