Friday, November 18, 2011

OMG, it's Breaking Dawn Day!!!

Who all is excited about the release of the Twilight Breaking Dawn movie today?! Did anyone go at midnight to see it? (Besides BookNerds Jacque and Teri?) In honor of this fabulous day, we thought we'd just share a couple of our past Twilight-themed posts. (Think of it as a Twilight Flashback!) First, the BookNerds managed to get all the way through a re-read of the first part of Breaking Dawn. It was pretty fun to do, as the 4 of us all have different perspectives on this one! To see our thoughts on the book click here:

Speaking of different perspectives, remember one of our favorite features, BookNerds in Love Triangles? I believe the idea came from the fact that we are divided among Team Edward and Team Jacob. Click the link to read our teams and rationales:

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  1. I already saw the movie. I'm hung over tired but posted my review of it anyway :-D Hope I don't have to wait a whole year to see Pt. 2 of the movie.