Monday, April 1, 2013

BLOG TOUR AND GIVEAWAY: Jamb (Cornerstone #3) by Misty Provencher


A note, from Nalena:

The world has gone insane and our only option is to go deeper into The Fury. 
Facing the enemy doesn’t scare me. 
Unless he is my enemy now.


Well, well, Misty Provencher I am mad at you! Oh, yeah M-A-D! Let me explain why!!! You wrote another amazing, outstanding book! Oh yeah, you did! Now, because of your outstanding writing (and the fact that I am addicted to this series) I have to wait until the next one.  

Ok, now that my rant is out of the way I can go into my review.

Best Part of Book: This is easy! The characters are the best part of the book are the best.  Nali, Garrett, Sean ... all of them! Each are unique to the story but they are have their own personalities that you either love or not. I also love that each are entwined with each other.  It make you appreciate each one. Although, I will say Sean is still my favorite, by far.  

The other thing that I loved is Misty! Her outstanding writing and putting in some serious twist and turns into this book leaves you wanting more.  If you read book 1 and think of how Nali and Garrett were then and see them now, it amazes me how much they have grown and mature.  

Not so great: CLIFFHANGER! Misty best be writing as I type this! Just saying!


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  2. Thank you for the review, Mary! I love to keep you hanging, my girl!