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BLOG TOUR and INTERVIEW and GIVEAWAY: Soul Survivor by Michelle Nicole

Soul Survivor by Michelle Nicole
Blog Tour  •  September 1st–14th (Mon–Sat)

Title: Soul Survivor
Author: Michelle Nicole
Series: Hybrid Chronicles #1
Publication: June 14th, 2013
Category: Young Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Hailee Mai Hart is just a simple, normal girl. Or so she thought. When she left her one-horse town for a college education in the big city, she never could've imagined what awaited her.

She's quickly thrown into a world filled with angels, danger, and a curse ... her curse. Come to find out, she's not so simple after all. She's actually the last of her kind, and the fate of the world rests on her shoulders. She has one chance to save Earth, and it all comes down to one choice: Light or Darkness. What is right and what is wrong is all a matter of perspective, which leaves her heart dangerously tangled. No matter which path she takes people will die, and that's just not an option.

Will she be able to save everyone, or will she be the Soul Survivor?

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Author bio:
Michelle Nicole was born and raised in wild, wonderful West Virginia. While her first passion is numbers, not long into adulthood, Michelle rediscovered her love of books and with it the joy and fulfillment of writing her own stories. She spends her days working as a CPA and her nights weaving tales of love, friendship, and everything in between. 

When she's not working or writing, you'll find her binge watching her favorite TV shows, reading, tweeting, hanging with her husband and furry children, or spending time with her close knit extended family.

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How long have you been writing?

This is a fun question to answer! I had originally thought I’d been writing stories since the Fall/Winter of 2010—this was the first time in my “adult life” that I really had the chance to pick up a hobby and do something fun since I’d been so occupied with graduating college, passing the CPA exam, and then regrouping from both along with moving out of the house. BUT here’s the real deal truth--I’ve been writing stories with the intent to publish since late 2010 but I’ve actually been writing all my life.

When I was cleaning out my house one day I found a bunch of old journals and notebooks filled with little stories about my family, when I first met my husband (he’d die if he knew I had that written down—so don’t tell him), one about being trapped by the spirits of Civil War soldiers, and when I was really young my Mamall (grandma) and I wrote a story about a coin and its travels. When I found all of this stuff I laughed—I always hated English class so maybe that’s why my brain had blocked it out.

What made you write this book?

I was listening to Breaking Benjamin’s “Evil Angel” one day and that kind of stirred around in my imagination for a while. Then, after reading The Hunger Games and a few other amazing books I thought to myself, Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to save the world? I truly believe we can all change the world for the better in our own small way but to actually be able to save it—no more pain, no more wars, no more hurt. And then came Hailee—the opening scene where she meets Alex was inspired by the 3 Doors Down song, “She Is Love” and that’s how things got rolling. So, Hailee is giving me the chance to live vicariously through her and save the world.

Who is your favorite character to write from your book?

That is such a hard question! I have favorites for different reasons—I love writing Hailee of course because she is such a strong, calm, reserved character.  Alex is fun to write because he is that quintessential handsome hero, who knows all the swoonworthy things to say. But truly, if I had to pick my favorite character to write it would be Seth—he literally came out of nowhere when writing this book. He gave the Darkness such a handsome face and depth—something I didn’t plan for at all. When he waltzed into the book—the first scene I wrote with him was the Interference chapter—all bets were off. He completely flipped this book upside down and sideways. And he’s continuing to do so with the other books in the series. I love my handsome, dark, trouble maker.

What did you love the most about this book?

I love the relationships between the characters and how I would set out to write ONE thing and ended up on a totally different path. I don’t plot per se—so watching the characters take me down these different roads filled with twists, turns, and surprises was so unbelievable. There’s so much of my heart and soul in this book—it’s really scary and really amazing at the same time. If you would’ve told me five years ago I was going to write and publish I book I would’ve laughed in your face—I’m a numbers girl not a words girl! Writing this book has truly changed my life—forced me to grow, try new things, meet new amazing people, and unchained my Muse and there’s no stopping that lady—she’s on a roll now.

What do you want your readers to know about this book, if the reader does know anything about this series?

Soul Survivor is about strength, family, friendship, and love with a dash of sexy angels in the mix. It’s about pushing yourself to move through the hardships of life and come out on top. This entire series is based on those concepts and if you liked book one—buckle up because books two (Soul Searcher) and three (Soul Salvation) are currently in an epic battle to become my favorite books of the series. More personalities, romance, and challenges await Hailee and her crew.

A major thank you to Mary and the Book Nerds for having me today! You ladies rock! Thank you sooo much!!!!

Prizes: 1 – Print copy of Soul Survivor by Michelle Nicole {US Only} 3 – eBooks of Soul Survivor by Michelle Nicole {International}

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