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Indie-Credible Author Event Featuring Bailey Ardisone AND BIG GIVEAWAY

I was so honored to be part of this Indie-Credible Event. When I found out that I was paired with the Bailey Ardisone I was so happy !! Everyone know that I'm her #1 fan! 

When I talked to Bailey about what to do with this event we figured out that Mycah and Nari should join in!!

First, thank you three for being on here to talk to me! I know that you all are busy...So, Bailey how difficult is Mycah?

Bailey: Mycah is actually one of my easiest characters to write. I started writing Sweet Oblivion in Mycah’s pov, and my sister started with Nari. Then my sister was unable to continue writing with me, and I ended up changing a lot about how the book went. I took out all of Mycah’s povs, and then took over Nari. So Mycah is still a big portion of my brain haha

What about Nari? Is she hard to control?

Bailey: Nari is then my easiest character to write, above Mycah. She isn’t hard to control, I’d say, because a lot of the way she acts/thinks is similar to how I would talk/act. Not exactly, but I definitely put a little of myself into her sometimes.

Okay Mycah my next question is for you … how difficult is Bailey? I mean, if you talk to her all the time, why isn’t book 3 done yet?

Mycah: Such a great question, and one I’d like to know the answer to myself. ;) Honestly, she can be difficult because she makes me do things I don’t particularly like doing on occasions.

What? there are things you don’t like doing? Please tell what those would be *wink*

Mycah: Alright, I think I can let you know a bit. ;) Sweet Escape was especially hard for me. I had to watch Nariella endure severe circumstances, and to have to stand there and do nothing about it was the most difficult for me. That is one thing. ;)

Oh Mycah, that’s sad. Nari, what about you? How  difficult is Bailey to you?  I bet she is!

Nari: Hi Mary =D Um, Bailey pretty much listens to everything I tell her so she isn’t too horribly difficult. =) But, there are times she forces me to do things I don’t want to do too!

Nari, there was some GREAT scenes in Book 2 Sweet Escape between you an Mycah. Could you let us in on the secret if more will be in Book 3? *whispers* I won’t tell Bailey
Nari: haha you pinky promise you won’t tell her??

Pinky Swear

Nari: Okay, okay. *whispers* maybe there will be more. ;) *whispers even lower* Okay, yes. There will be. =D

This makes me a happy Book Nerd. Now, Bailey are there any scenes that were hard to write between Mycah and Nari?

Bailey: Yes! Oh, heck yes. There were two scenes in Sweet Escape that were hard for me to write. Everything in Sweet Oblivion was easy-peasy - I couldn’t NOT write their scenes, it just flowed out of me non-stop. But, in book 2, when (without giving spoilers) Nari, Rydan, and NaminĂ© were in the castle and Nari sees Mycah - that whole scene I had to re-do a million times. I could not get it right. I wrote it in about 10 different ways. I then did it how you read it now, and pushed Mycah and Nari’s interaction to later, which brings me to the next hardest scene for me to write. When Mycah enters the room where Nari was locked in, and Mycah has to act the way he does, I had trouble writing them against each other.

I love both of those scenes!! Now, I am going to ask the personal question? Mycah, what was it like when you first kissed Nari?

Bailey: Good! Glad it was worth the struggle then. :)
Mycah: I wasn’t too fond of those scenes myself *chuckle* The first time I kissed her? Two words - Bloody hell. (in the good sense) ;)

Mycah you do have a way with words *wink*. Nari, same question: what was it like when you first kissed Mycah?

Nari: You’re asking me?! Oh god. *blush* Uhh...Can I repeat what Mycah said? =D lol It was explosive. But, amazingly sweet at the same time.

OKay, okay enough of the googy girly stuff….My final question is for ALL three of you….Book 3 is it the end … or will more be coming?

Mycah: I bloody hope not. There is much to go yet. Much for you all to see.
Nari: I’d be sad if book 3 was the end. My vote is for more!
Bailey: Book 3 is definitely not the end. There will for sure be a book 4, and possibly a novella or two in either Mycah and Rydan’s povs/backstory (I did after all write a lot in Mycah’s pov already), and maybe a little something from NaminĂ©’s pov and what it was like going through her Maranwe journey.

Well, I thank all three of you taking time out of your busy schedules to talk to me!! I can’t wait for book 3 !!!

Mycah: My pleasure, love.
Nari: Nice talking with you, Mary! =)
Bailey: Thank you so much! This was super fun! <3

About the Author:

Bailey Ardisone was born and raised outside of Chicago, Illinois. She married the love of her life and spends her days submerged in books, movies, music, or art, and loves traveling. Fantasy books and movies have been a huge part of her life, and she is desperately obsessed with Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.
Her sister contributed some of the writing in Sweet Oblivion and Sweet Escape.
Sweet Oblivion is the first installment of a series.

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