Saturday, December 7, 2013

Free Book and Guest Blogger for Read Along!

So, my friends at Merit Press were awesome enough to send me an ARC of Lizzie Friend's Poor Little Dead Girls. Then, they sent the published version of the book. I decided to use their perhaps mistake as our gain :) Here is what I'm proposing:

You know how we do monthly read alongs here at Book Nerds Across America? Every month, we pick a different book and at least two of us read it together. Then we do one post with all our reactions. Well, since I have two copies of Poor Little Dead Girls, I think we should do that same thing! And by "we" I mean me -- and whoever wins this contest. So to clarify:

If you win, I will send you a copy of Poor Little Dead Girls, which will be yours to keep. You and I (Flo) will both read the book at the same time, and then we'll do a combined book review post. 

And it's so easy to win, too! All you have to do is email me at flo at booknerdsacrossamerica dot com and let me know why you want to receive the free book and do the joint review.

Here is the description of Poor Little Dead Girls:

Perfect people aren't just born. They're made.

The first time she is blindfolded and kidnapped, star-athlete and posh boarding school newbie Sadie is terrified. She wakes up in a dark room surrounded by hushed whispers, hooded strangers, and a mysterious voice whispering not-so-sweet nothings in her ear. 

But once the robes come off, she realizes it’s just an elaborate prank designed to induct her into the group that’s been pulling the strings at Keating Hall for generations. The circle has it all--incredible connections; fabulous parties; and, of course, an in with the brother society’s gorgeous pledges. 
The instant popularity is enough to make Sadie forget about the unexplained marks on her body, the creepy ceremonial rituals, and the incident that befell one of her teammates the year before. So the next time Sadie is kidnapped, she isn’t scared, but she should be. The worst of Keating Hall is yet to come.

I'm actually really excited about this! I'm looking forward to receiving your emails at flo at booknerdsacrossamerica dot com!

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