Wednesday, February 19, 2014

BREATHLESS MAGIC (Open Hearts Chronicles) Novella by Rachel Higginson

And they lived happily ever after…
Or that was supposed to be how the story ended. Unfortunately for Eden Kendrick, a new enemy threatens her beloved Kingdom, one more dangerous and deadly than ever before.
After enjoying a deliciously elongated honeymoon, Eden returns to the Citadel with her husband and happiness intact. She’s unexpectedly pregnant, but that’s just one more blessing to add to her blooming happiness.
Eden’s heart is full and her endless life has never been more happy. That is until Dmitri Terletov returns from the dead and threatens everyone she loves and the Kingdom she worked so hard to build.
This time around, Eden is supposed to be shielded from the conflict. She has her growing babies to protect now and Kiran wants her as far from the battle as possible. Although she’s a little stir-crazy with idle hands, she agrees that keeping away from Terletov and his deadly experiments is definitely the right course of action.
Unfortunately, Terletov doesn’t agree. And when he arrives at the Castle, uninvited and desperate for the Magic Eden once stole from him, she has no choice but to fight once again to save the people she was born to protect.

Character Interview with Kiran and Eden:
*What was your first impression of one another?
Eden: *snort* Love at first sight.
Kiran: For me it was.
Eden: Alright, maybe it wasn’t love at first sight for me, but there was definitely a very strong attraction between us. At least until you opened your mouth.
Kiran: *grinning* I can admit to a fair amount of jackassery in the beginning, but there has always been something pulling us toward the other, even in those first few moments. You were the loveliest thing I had ever seen and I knew more than anything else that I needed to be a part of what you were.
Eden: You’re going to make me cry.
Kiran: Not me, Love. Blame that on the baby.
*Most romantic gesture you've done for each other?
Kiran: That would obviously be when I tried to die for her all those times.
Eden: All those times?
Kiran: There were definitely a lot of times I tried to die for you. You’re just especially selfish when it comes to me.
Eden: *smiling fondly*I would have to agree with that.
Kiran: And what’s your most romantic gesture, Love?
Eden: Same thing. When I wouldn’t let you die for me. Or at least without me.
Kiran: *putting his hand on Eden’s stomach* A baby is pretty romantic.
Eden: *laughing* And I made this baby just for you, Kiran. Just to show you how much I love you.
Kiran: I know.
*Favorite qualities about one another?
Kiran: I love her devotion, her loyalty, her compassion, her sweet spirit. She is just everything to me. And more. So much more.
Eden: You really want me to cry, don’t you? You’re purposefully trying to make me cry.
Kiran: It’s all truth, Love. But you know that. You know you’re my eternity.
Eden: This is my favorite quality, whatever this is. The way he says things that change my life, my way of thinking… my soul. The way he leads and the way he follows when he has to. The way every day he is a better man than the day before. And the way he will always and forever love me.
*Let's be honest now...most annoying trait about each other?
Eden: Oh, lord. The smirk. Definitely and without a doubt, the smirk.
Kiran: *smirking* I don’t smirk. I don’t.
Eden: *rolls her eyes* Sure, sure. Now, come on, let’s hear it. What’s my most annoying trait?
Kiran: Your stubborn spirit. Most definitely.
Eden: I’m not stubborn.
Kiran: Right.
Eden: I’m not.
Kiran: *grins*
*Do you have pet names? If so what are they?
Eden: Love. He has always called me Love.
Kiran: Because you are love, in every sense of that word. *thinks for a moment* Do you have a pet name for me?
Eden:  *clears her throat* Does jackass count?
Kiran: Er, no. The answer to the question is no, she does not have a pet name for me.
*Ideal Valentine's Day date and/or gift?
Kiran: I would love it if she would relax, put her feet up and for just one day make it so I didn’t constantly worry about her and the pregnancy.
Eden: Isn’t that a gift to me?
Kiran: We have this conversation daily and I have yet to witness feet up and arse relaxed, so no. That gift is specifically for me.
Eden: Fine, then I would like the Indian Palace. I loved the Indian Palace.
Kiran: *after he recovers from shock* Then why did you blow it up?
Eden: *shrugs* You know, desperate times and all…
Kiran: *shakes his head* Maybe the Palace is gone… for good thanks to you. But we can go back to India, Love. Just say when.

Eden: When.

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