Monday, February 17, 2014

DERIVE (Open Heart Chronicles) Novella by Jamie Magee

Jamie Magee DERIVE
Aden, son of Tarek, is a seer—an elite member of The Selected which stands guard before The Fall, the border between light and dark realities. Darkness was foretold at his birth along with the words ‘lavender waters will set you free.’ What Aden assumed to be a mythical prophecy, is eventually manifested in a ravishing beauty with long, lavender hair.
Skylynn had seen their future, the sacrifice and divide set before them. She told him they had three days—three days before they must part to meet in a distant future. Aden dares to challenge the limits set before him by empowering his innocent lover with words and energy as he plots to face the darkness predicted before it claims her—and their rightful future together.
Character Interview with Aden:
*What was your first impression of one another?
The world stood still, everything made sense all at once, yet, nothing made sense at the same time. Life changing.
*Most romantic gesture you've done for each other?
Our time was brief, almost fleeting. I did give Skylynn a violin…the power to escape the world for a moment or two as she played…we danced for hours, holding each other for all the world to see.
*Favorite qualities about one another?
Skylynn has a way of making everything seem sensual, the way she sees the world, what she’s prepared to do, is beyond explanation. I’ve never known a woman as strong as her. She has all this strength, but she melts when I hold her, she leans when her path weighs her down, which makes her even stronger.  She’s unexplainable.
*Let's be honest now...most annoying trait about each other?
I’m still looking for that…
*Do you have pet names? If so what are they?
She’s my angel.
*Ideal Valentine's Day date and/or gift?
Ideal date would be to just vanish with her, to find some place that we could hide, hold each other, a day where we would not once glance to the horizon and wonder what tomorrow holds.

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