Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Andromeda by Amy Bartelloni

Book Summary
Ten years after a pandemic swept the globe, survivors were forced into factions and camps in order to survive. Jade and Sera are two orphans who have found refuge in a government camp. It's there where Jade falls in love with a young soldier, Anyon. But Anyon has his own secrets, carefully guarding a past that involves Sera. Before Jade and Anyon admit their feelings to each other the camp is attacked and they're separated. Jade knows to lead Sera to Albany, the last free camp in the east, but the road is dangerous. Not only must they dodge pockets of infection, but they're threatened by drifters and gangs. When they arrive in Albany, they find it deserted. Anyon and his friend Malachi are close on their heels, but not close enough. The Provisional Government is on a mission, and no one is quite prepared for what lies ahead.

Flo's Review
I met Amy in a line at BEA and she was very sweet! I was quite intrigued with her book as she was telling me about it, so I made sure to follow up on it when I got back. Andromeda starts off with a very The Testing/I Am Legend feel. Jade and Sera are trying to make it to Albany, where they have agreed to meet up with friends from the government camp where they were living. We see the journey through their eyes and also through the eyes of Anyon and Malachi, who they are going to meet. The story alternates points of view between the two sets of travelers and is interspersed with flashbacks that help us learn more about these characters. 

It's a very intriguing concept, but unfortunately I felt that the first part was just a little too long. My little attention span just barely made it to Albany with the girls, and it didn't quite make it to the guys arriving later on. I skimmed the rest of the book from that point on and it seems like we get some big reveals after that point, and an intense looking showdown/final scenes with the government towards the end.  I could easily see this book as a movie or TV show. I liked how Andromeda tied into these kids' story, and really, how could you not love Sera?! She put a smile on my face every time with her intuition and optimism.

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