Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Harry Potter Identity Crisis!

From the very first time I read the Harry Potter series, I always fancied myself a Hufflepuff. I just have that personality, I think. And -- let's be honest -- I really like the idea of being right next to the kitchen. Just saying.

Then Pottermore came along and confirmed what I knew all along: I was a Puff, through and through. This was good because by that point I already owned a Hufflepuff t-shirt, keychain, and other house memorabilia. 

A few months ago on #FourDay, when the Insurgent DVD was released, I was sent a set of Fatheads with various Divergent images and sayings. There was a life size Four along with other things. But the one thing that really stuck with me was this simple saying:

This is what I chose to hang on my wall, right above my desk. Not too much later (actually, it might have even been a little before), I got a letter from a friend. She had printed out various Bible verses and quotes, but this was the one that I liked best:

I cut it out and put it in my wallet. It traveled around with me like that for at least a few months.

Now to the crux of this story:

A few weeks ago, when I was in Los Angeles for the Mockingjay Part 2 movie premiere, my friend and I did a tour of the Warner Brothers Studios. They had a lot of really cool things, but my favorite part was all the Harry Potter memorabilia! Clothes and props and books, oh my! I was in magical heaven! One of the things they had was The Sorting Hat. Like the actual hat from the movie. And they had someone working there who sat you down and put the hat on you to let it sort you. So cool! So, of course, I did it, and ......

IT PUT ME INTO GRYFFINDOR! I was sorted in Gryffindor by The hat!! 
So, long story short, I am having a huge identity crisis and I don't even know who I am anymore!! (Besides overly dramatic, apparently.) Are the random quotes and pictures about courage and bravery that have recently caught my eye a sign of where I'm truly supposed to be?! Is this my house??

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  1. No one (besides JKR) says you can only have one house. I'm a proud Huffleclaw, and you can easily call yourself a Gryffinpuff (or Huffledor, if you prefer)! I definitely agree with you about the advantages of being near the kitchen, haha.
    -Your Secret Sister