Thursday, April 29, 2021

Book Review: Foes and Cons by Carrie Aarons


Sawyer Roarke was my best friend.

Growing up, our families were inseparable. We spent summers vacationing at the beach. In the schoolyard, it was us against the world. Then puberty hit, and we skated the thin line of staying buddies or becoming more.

Until I accidentally found the pros and cons list he made about whether or not to date me. And there were definitely more bullet points on the no side. Acting out of rage and hurt, I embarrassed him in the most public way possible. Now, we’re enemies.

We’ve spent the last two years tearing each other to pieces. Everyone knows that Blair and Sawyer hate the ground the other walks on, and unfortunately, I got the unpopular end of the stick while he became Mr. Prom King.

Until senior year starts, and I’m tired of running scared. For the first time ever, I stand up to the golden boy with the whip-smart tongue. As the challenges and dares pick up speed, hearts start to fall and feelings get entangled. Despite my initial discovery, I wonder if being caught by each other wouldn’t be so bad.

Except Sawyer has no idea what I found all those years ago. And if the truth comes out about why I pitted us against each other, not only will he add one more con to his list … but he can add my broken heart as well.


Have you heard the old saying that there is a thin line between love and war? Well, author Carrie Aarons took that saying and ran with it. I have never read one of Aarons's books, and rarely do I read YA, but her new book Foes and Cons, which is a YA romance was an addicting read. 

Blair Oden and Sawyer Roarke began life doing everything together as best friends. Their families are friends, their fathers in business together. That all changed when they were Sophomores in high school when each of them made mistakes and tore their relationship apart, making them enemies from then on out.

Jump forward to their senior year in high school and Blair arrives back at school looking all hot and changed from spending a summer volunteering in Haiti. Sawyer makes sure she knows that he is still our to make her life a living hell, and she is ready to take him on.

This book does take the enemies to lovers seriously, and at times some of Sawyers's actions are right out bullying, so if something like this does bother you, Foes and Cons may not be the book for you. Reading things like this does not usually bother me, but I will admit that even I cringed at times.

Emotions. Oh how they run high in this story, it is a rollercoaster ride through both Sawyers and Blair's feelings as they navigate the halls of their high school. Heartbreak is heavy throughout with the push and pulls of their hearts. You feel it. I love a book that can put me right in the scene, and I have all the feelings of the characters. You are there when they realize they have feelings for each other and then when they push back again in anger. They walk that thin line very well.

Foes and Cons is a quick, well-written read, it has all the things you’d want in an enemy to lover story…angst, love, and of course hate. Carrie Aarons had the power to keep me entertained in a YA romance and I wasn’t sure that was possible.  

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