Monday, November 29, 2010

Mockingjay is my favorite

Last month I wrote to Muttations to tell them why Mockingjay is my favorite book in the Hunger Games trilogy. My response won me this really nifty poster that's now hanging on my wall:

I thought I'd share my thoughts with you....don't worry, they're spoiler free. But if you haven't read The Hunger Games trilogy yet, may I recommend that you go do that RIGHT NOW?!

"My favorite first it was Catching Fire -- until I read Mockingjay. The Hunger Games was amazing because it brought you into the world and made you fall in love with the characters. As soon as I finished it, I picked up Catching Fire -- which I read in one day. By Catching Fire, you are engaged with the characters and the upcoming turn the pages almost feverishly because you want to know how it all unfolds.

Mockingjay takes it all to a whole new level. The same suspense as Catching Fire. The same great depiction of the world as Hunger Games. Same great writing as both novels. But Mockingjay makes you THINK HARD. I read Hunger Games -- I loved it right away. Catching Fire -- I loved right away. the end I was a little...dissatisfied. Because I had to take time to reflect and let it sink in. I had to have hours of conservation with friends, old and new. I had to re-read it. I've laid awake at night thinking about Mockingjay. I've spent many waking hours thinking about and talking about Mockingjay. I cannot put into words how great a novel it is. It is REAL. It is HEARTBREAKING. It is POWERFUL. IT IS EPIC.

By far, Mockingjay is my favorite."