Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cosmopolis By Don DeLillo

I never had any intention to read this book (ever).  Then I saw that it was going to be made into a movie.  I love reading books that will be turned into movies. Then I read the most amazing article ever!  The lead character, Eric Packer, was going to be played, Robert Pattinson.  I will admit that I am the biggest Pattinson fan ever.  After reading that article, I literally run to my eReader and bought the book.

I was floored by how fast I read this book.  It was the most unique book ever.  Also, it was more graphic then I thought that it would be and I enjoyed every moment.

It starts out with Eric Packer, 28 years old, and a billionaire.  He is in his apartment and decided that he wanted a haircut.  He gets into his (most outrageous) limo and heads out.  This voyage goes through every twist and turn possible (and some that even I did not see coming). 

I am going to let you in on a few parts book, but this will be mostly spoiler free.  The reason I am letting some details out is because I think everyone should read this (PLUS this movie will be insane to watch).

The story mostly takes place in the limo because Eric is losing a boat-load of money because of the "yen".  He gets stuck in traffic more times than anyone because of the presidential visit that is taking place in the city.  Then he gets caught up in a funeral procession for a rap star and then a riot breaks out.  (Insane right!?).  Plus, you cannot miss out on all of Eric's sexual encounters.  Yep, the man likes to get it on! (Sidenote:  there is one scene in the limo that I pray is in the movie.  I would love to hear Pattinson say a particular phrase that Eric states in this situation.  Even I gasped when I read it!)  Back on point, there is one person that Eric runs into the most on this adventure, his wife! Yep, Eric is married and he is losing her money too because of the "yen".

The book goes from one extreme to another and every time Eric turned the corner, it was something more crazier than before.  I think that this is a must read just for its pure craziness.


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