Sunday, January 15, 2012

Eden Trilogy By Nicole Wiliams

 For those who follow the blog and know me I love series books.  I am not completely sure why but I do.  I also have another confession --- and it is a big one --- I have a sick love affair with $.99/$1.99/$2.99 books on Amazon.  I cannot help it.  I see that they are cheap and the book sound so good that I have to have it.  Come on BookNerds you know what I mean.  It was with this love affair that I fell in love with the Eden Trilogy.  It is here that I got Book #1 Eternal Eden.  It was here that I met Bryn and William. *sigh* William!!! I read the first book in less than one day. SERIOUSLY!! I could not put it down.  Also this contains SPOILERS so please be aware of that too!

Bryn, female, 20-something, beautiful, smart, student at Oregon State University, sounds perfect...right?! Well, Bryn has issues.  Her parents were killed ad she has no one else.  The reason she dropped out of Stanford to go to OSU was because she needed to get away and this is where she choose.  It is here that I need to introduce William! *sigh* I cannot help but love him more eveytime I say his name.  Jaw-dropping yummy cute, blue eyed William.  They meet while she is giving him a tour of the campus.  Then its all down hill from here.  William (of course) is not who he seems.  I know your first thought might be vampire -- but that is not it!! William saves Bryn from a very beating from two bad guys (who are really there to give a message to William) then after she gets to falling in love with him, he leaves.  She cannot take the pain of him being away.  So, one day she decides that it is time to end her life.  SIDENOTE: This part is not as bad as it sounds Bryn actually wants to be closer to William so she drowns herself in water because William loves being in water.  Okay maybe that is a bit dramatic.  Bryn drowns and then wakes up several days later in a huge Manor and who is there, YEP, William and now Bryn is like him.  William is an Immortal.  He is actually a Guardian and Chosen One but s on a mission to get intel on John Townsend because he is Inheritor.  William has been working 10 years on this mission with the help of Patrick, his brother.  Let me just say that I LOVE PATRICK!!! William actually change Bryn on his own, which is a very special gift.  William also tells Bryn that he has been searching for her for over 20 years.  YEP that is what he said because William is also a Foreteller.  Once Bryn is changed she cannot stay aways from William they are drawn to each other so much.  Of course Patrick is there for the comic relief and keeps them in line.  Bryn takes becoming Immortal herself okay because she is with William.  Howver, there is a snag in this love-affair.  Paul - a friend of Bryn's from OSU.  See when Bryn drowned Paul went a huge search/rescue mission to find her.  So this needed to be "cleaned" up.  Patrick, William and Bryn head out to handle this Along the way we meet all of William's and Patrick's family.  Their brother, Nathanial and his wife Abigail.  Their younger brother Joseph and his wife Cora.  Yes they all are Immortal also.  The back story of this is so tragic but amazing to how perfect this family is.  Their father, Charles, is even the Chancellor of Alliance of Guardians.  Bryn goes and talks to Paul and tells him not to search for her.  So, I was thinking that all was good OH NO there is much more.  The Council (which is like the leaders of the Immortals) chooses who married who.  They picked Bryn to marry John Townsend.  That did not set well with William.  They "try" to run away but John catches them and the Council sentences Bryn to death. Here is another catch, Bryn has powers (like all Immortals) she is a TAKER.  This means she can take life by just touching them.  This is what helps them escape.  But will the Council and John leave them alone???

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  1. I absolutley loved this book... U have no idea i read it in like 4 or 5 days lol. I cntbwait to get hom & get the other 2 books! I want to read them so badly lol

    1. They are one of my faves!!! You should read Patrick's POV book called Fissure! Very GOOD!