Friday, January 20, 2012

Fallen Eden Book 2 of Eden Trilogy By Nicole Williams

Do you remember how much I loved Eternal Eden (Book 1)? Ok this was....wait for it.... 100 times BETTER!!!

Let's pick up where we left off in Book 1. William and Bryn are together - kind of.  Charles has already told him that Bryn was a Taker and William was a Giver.  Let me explain a bit.  Bryn's special power when she turn Immortal was the ability to take someones live.  William's special is that he is a Giver.  He can make people Immortal all by himself and does not need a team of Immortals to do it.  The Council will not let them be together.  So, William is doing everything that the Council is asking of him.  Because he is trying to win the Council over and get to be with Bryn forever. 

Now, the Council has order Bryn to train up a bit and guess who here trainer is, Patrick!  He does a great job training Bryn.  But, good times cannot last forever.  John and his team of goons are back to get Bryn.  However, Bryn and Patrick take down a lot of them, BUT after the fight William touches Bryn.  He is actually knocked out because she is a Taker.  Bryn feels so horrible about this and is so hurt because she hurt him.  So, she does the one thing that she thinks best for everyone.......she leaves.  She left note that basically said that there was someone else and she did not love him.  Which we all know that this is not true because William is her soul mate.  As she is leaving Patrick catches up with her and tries to convince her to stay.  Bryn keeps with the story and Patrick is so upset with her but takes her to the airport anyway. 

Bryn catches the first flight out and ends up in Paris.  Through twist and turns she meets up with Paul (her friend from OSU). One night in an alley they are attacked but "someone" was there to rescue them.  Paul and Bryn rush off together to William's cabin in the Alps.  However, Bryn still needs to finish her training; so, Patrick comes and helps her.  He is not the same though.  He is mean to Bryn and tells her how William has moved on and found someone else.  Bryn is so hurt but understands because she cannot be with William because she hurts him and could possibly kill him.  During the time in the Alps, we also find out that Paul is dying.  Bryn feels she must make Paul's last days as fulfilled as possible.  As Paul is dying William comes with Patrick and turns Paul.  Crazy I know!! But William did it because he thought that Bryn left him for Paul and he did not want her to be sad. 

Bryn cannot take it anymore and heads back to William's family home.  After convincing everyone that she left because she loves William she set off to find him.  When she finally finds him and tells him her true feelings - what happens? - John's goons again! Yet again they get away.......for now.....

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