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Interview with Katie Kacvinsky

As I am sure you can tell from our reviews, Mary and I LOVED Awaken by Katie Kacvinsky.  Therefore, we were absolutely elated when she agreed to answer a few questions for us to share with our followers.

If you aren't already familiar with Katie, you can find out more about her at .  You can also follow her blog for the most up to date information on her current projects and upcoming book releases.

So without further ado, here is our interview with Katie.

1. One thing that we liked about Awaken is that it isn’t too far from today’s reality.  We can see life becoming as isolated and socially awkward as you described, and in ways it already has.  What ultimately inspired you to write a book about becoming unplugged?

 I think writing Awaken was a way for me to explore some of my own skepticisms about technology and where our society might be headed if we continue to rapidly embrace every digital gadget that comes our way.  I've always been fascinated (and disturbed) by stories about technology, especially how it can take over our lives if we don't keep it in check. I love movies like The Terminator, The Matrix and Jurassic Park because even though they're fictional, you can still apply their messages to real life. I wanted to write a book that addresses our current "technoculture," because even though there are so many benefits to technology, it's also permanently changing the way we think and communicate.  I wanted to write a book that encourages people to step back and consider some of their own values and habits.

2.  While Maddie was in need of becoming technologically unplugged, Justin was equally in need of becoming emotionally unplugged.  I felt they complemented each other perfectly.  Why did you feel it was important to include this element in his character?

 As soon as I started writing Justin's character, I realized how important he would be to the story. He carries so much weight; he's the foil against society, he's a teacher, he's on a mission, he's a protagonist, the love interest....this book is just as much Justin's story as it is Maddie's.  I liked the idea that he needed to "wake up" along with Maddie.  Honestly, the main reason he is so closed off hasn’t even been revealed yet.  I was saving that piece of his past for Middle Ground.

3.  While we anxiously await the release of Middle Ground next fall, we would love to know if this will be the final installment in the Awaken Series or if there is more of Maddie and Justin to come?

I'm currently working on the third and final book in the series.

4.  There is very little information out about First Comes Love, which is scheduled to be released in May of 2012, besides the fact that it is a love story.  Is there anything you can share with your fans about this next book?  Will this become another series?

Oh, man, I'm so bad at describing my books and I wrote them. Basically, I wrote First Comes Love because I wanted to try and write about emotionally-heated issues from a male perspective.  This book is Gray's experiences dealing with family, loss, friendship, love, sex, and independence. It's a story about how relationships change our lives--how meeting one single person can throw our lives completely off course and why love is the most important thing we have going for us.

5.  We love to hear more about the authors that we like.  Can you tell us why you wanted to become an author?

 It took me a long time to realize this is what I wanted to do. In high school, I was actually kicked out of my honor's English writing class. When I was sixteen, my teacher pulled me aside and said, "Katie, your writing is shit. You don't deserve to be in my class."  I was placed in a remedial class after that, which was really frustrating because English had always been my favorite subject.  But it also taught me, at a very young age, to grow a thick skin and not let anyone place a limit on what I can do. So, I kept writing.  Writing is like breathing to me, it's like walking. It's my way to vent, to celebrate, to reflect. I am a very private person; I have a hard time opening up to even my best friends, but I've never had a problem dishing out my thoughts with a pen and paper.  It’s when I’m at my best.  So, I just write the kind of stories that I would pull off of the shelf.  As long as I’m having fun writing a book, I know I’m on the right track.

All of the Book Nerds would like to thank Katie for taking time out of her very busy schedule to answer some of our questions.  We would ESPECIALLY like to thank her and her publicist for offering to send us an ARC of First Comes Love, which we will review and share with all of you as soon as we can.

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  1. YAY!!! what a wonderful interview Mary and Jacque. I for one am excited about her new sounds like something I will really like and possibly be less scared of LOL.