Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Book Nerd Lent Challenge: Read a Stand Alone Book

This Challenge was brought forth by Jacque. It's no secret that the Book Nerds all love our series books, and there are plenty out there for us to choose from! But sometimes it just seems like every time I want to add a book to my TBR, I really have to plan to add 3 books, because I am actually starting a new trilogy. There is something to be said for reading a book and know that the you have completed the story. No frustrating cliffhangers with yearlong waits for conclusion. Just a few hundred pages and you know everything you're going to know.

For this Challenge, I read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I had read a chapter or two before Lent, but had to set it aside. Now, I had a perfect excuse to come back to it. I wanted to read this book because so many people on my Twitter timeline read it right when it came out and gave it amazing reviews. I heard stories of many tears shed, and for this girl who has likely read and certainly loved almost every single Lurlene McDaniel book, I knew it would be right up my alley. It was. The book contained so many elements that made me love it: it broke my heart until I shed literal tears. I fell in love with the cute and quirky lead guy. The two main characters were clever word nerds. I couldn't make myself go to bed, even though it was way pst my bedtime, because I had to finish it. I admired the writing so much, I now want to go read every single thing John Green has ever written. Most importantly, it made me think about why I believe the way I do. Even though I read the majority of the book in a day, it will stay with me forever. ~Flo~

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