Sunday, July 3, 2016

Summer Blog Promo Tour: The Cozy Little Book Nook

This is my first time participating in the Summer Blog Promo Tour, and I'm excited to be a part of it! Once a week throughout the summer, I'll be featuring a blog/blogger on my page. And to start us off...Brooke from The Cozy Little Book Nook! You can visit her blog here: I love the header image...makes me want to curl up with a book right now!

I asked Booke to tell us about how she would spend a day with any character in a book. Without further ado, here's Brooke to tell us about hanging out with America Singer from The Selection series:

Hi I’m Brooke from The Cozy Little Book Nook and I’m here today to talk about what I would do if I could spend a day with any character in a book. Well I think the character I have to go with is America Singer in The Selection, but you know, after she got married and had the kids; or maybe even in the middle of Eadlyn’s Selection.  I think it would be super fun to spend a day in Angeles at the Palace and just chat with her.

I’m sure America would also have many more stories about her own selection, and how she dealt with the other girls and how the other girls are since she probably would have stayed in touch with them. Getting the inside scoop of all the events would be amazing since I want to know all about what happened during the Selection.

Since I also play piano and America does too, it would be cool to play with someone who used to play for a living. She’s incredibly skilled so it may be intimidating .

It would also be fun to hang out with her sister May and Marlee and Lucy, because in the books, we really only heard about America’s side of the stories and they would probably have a lot of things to talk about, including boys, the kids, and who their picks are for Eadlyn’s selection. Even just hearing about what they would do during the Selection would be really fun; I mean, we have novellas but the only one that’s really in depth is Marlee’s and very little of Lucy’s. We know that May may have lucked out and actually got a better deal out of being royalty since she gets to travel so I would want to hear about where she has been.

Another thing we could do is go shopping because these ladies all have wonderful senses of style and would probably know some good places to shop.

I guess it could be weird since I’m younger than even Eadlyn but you know, it’s my dream :) Getting advice from older people can be extremely valuable so that would be super fun.

That’s it for my day with America. It’s really packed so there won’t be a dull moment ever. Now if only this could actually happen...well I can dream :)


  1. What a fun post! I haven't read this series yet, but I definitely need to! But I can tell just from the covers of these books that I'd want to go shopping with America Singer too haha!

    - Lefty @ The Left-Handed Book Lover

    1. I say that you should drop everything and go read the series like, right now :) The series is really a fun read!

  2. I started to read The Selection series but only got to the 2nd book. This makes me want to go finish it!