Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summer Blog Promo Tour: He Said Books or Me

I'm pretty sure that the Summer Blog Promo Tour (#SBPT) is one of my new favorite things about summer! This week we have the pleasure of welcoming Valerie from He Said Books or Me. The tagline for her blog is "...I still think of him from time to time." HA! I love it! Thanks for stopping by, Valerie, to talk about your favorite blogging related experiences and memories:

Val here from He Said Books or Me. I excited to be here today and to talk with Flo and you about some of my favorite blogging related experiences and memories!
This is hard topic for me because I am not sure it is one single thing. To give you a little background, I have been blogging at He Said Books or Me for about a year now. Throughout the last year, I have had a chance to do many things. I frequently participate in blogger reading challenges. I also get a chance to be part of Twitter chats. I have had a chance to attend two Book Con events. I have done some of the book memes like Waiting on Wednesday or Top TenTuesday. I have written over 100 book reviews. Now, I have the chance to be part of the Summer Blogger Tour and collaborate with other bloggers!  All of these have been wonderful.

The best part though? It is without a doubt the other people in the book community. I love getting to know people and about the books that they are passionate about!  I love having conversations about things that I enjoy and finding out what sparks that joy in other people. I love that books can bring people together!  I love that they can challenge you to think about topics you have never considered. I love that people can have a difference of opinion and that is okay! There is so much to be said for the book bloggers out there in the world!
What is your favorite part of the book community? Are there book blogger experiences that you have had that you think I should try out? Let's discuss!
Thanks to Flo for letting me stop by the blog today!

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