Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cosmopolis - Jacque's Review

Mary and Flo had DRASTICALLY different opinions of Cosmopolis, so I posted on the blog that I would cast the deciding vote.  Since this is an RPattz book to movie, I was sure I would love it and was sincerely hoping to tip the scale in its favor.

Unfortunately, I felt the book was simply ok.  I can't say that I liked it nor did I hate it.  Like Flo, I tried to envision Pattinson as Eric.  That is the only thing that enabled me to persevere. 

The first issue that I had was the lack of continuity.  The book to me seemed like a bunch of independent scenes in a movie that never really connected until the very end.  Second, I had a hard time determining who was speaking on a number of occasions.  The dialogue between characters was often mixed with paragraphs containing Eric's thoughts, which required careful deciphering to ensure I was following things accurately.  I anticipate that these issues will be resolved in the movie, which will allow me to enjoy the movie more so than the book, which is rarely the case.

The final issue that I had involved the numerous indiscretions that take place throughout the story.  I just could not relate to what was taking place.  How can this brilliant multi-billionaire make so many irrational decisions in one day?  I just didn't get it.  Rob is really going to have his work cut out for him with this one.  Will I go see the movie....ABSOLUTELY.  I would not miss the opportunity to see some of these outrageous acts brought to life.  I just wonder how closely the movie will be able to follow the book without losing its marketability.   

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