Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dead to the World By Charlaine Harris

Oh, Sookie! This girl gets into more situations then anyone in the world.  But when your life involves vampires, Weres, shifters, and witches what do expect?

This time Sookie has really done it.  Bill and her are officially over and then he takes off to Peru on "business".  So, Sookie spends her New Year's Eve working as a waitress at Merlotte's.  After a long night, Sookie heads home only to find Eric running half naked down the road and he does not remember anything. 

It comes to be known that Eric has been cursed by a witch. He was cursed because the witch want part of Eric's business.  Now the witches as hunting Eric and needs to remain hidden.  Of course, who would look at Sookie's house.  Now that Eric is cursed he does not remember that he is a hard-headed, over-bearing, and aggressive vampire.  He is now sensitive, kind, and caring.  Sookie has never seen this side of Eric, but she is liking it A LOT! Now she is more confused than ever.

Now she to deal with the Nice-Eric, a vampire battle between them and the witches, and now Jason (her brother) has disappeared.  Only Sookie!  As the feud increases, so does Sookie and Eric's relationship.  Then it finally comes to a head.  The witches and vampire battle gathered together for more than their share of blood shed.  But in the end of it all, Jason  is found, witches are dead, and Sookie and Eric are together.

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  1. I really enjoyed this one. I am a little behind on this series though. I've missed the last two releases. Your review reminded me how fun this series is and makes me want to catch up on it.