Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Mortal Instrument Series 1-3-Review

I closed the cover on City of Glass late last night, a lot had happened to the characters, but I know when I pick up the 4th in the series, it will keep me as riveted and probably wanting more...ON TO THE NEXT ONE...
I think for me, the Mortal Instruments Series can be summed up in two words..JACE WAYLAND. The star of the series is good looking, confident, and extremely arrogant. All the things you could possibly want in a bad boy hero. His constant snarkey remarks, made me laugh and love him right off the bat. I could spend the whole review on Jace alone, but I will try to move on. I was a late comer to this series and I am forever grateful to Mary for urging me to read them. The moment I picked up the book and was transported to Pandemonium I was hooked. The action started in the first chapter and didn't end until I closed the third book. Not since the Twilight series have I read a series with such fury, always yearning to see what the next page held for me. I loved all the characters for the most part. Clary was sweet and I liked her attitude as she came to grips with what was happening to her. Simon, wasn't a fave until the third book, where he really proved his loyalty and love for Clary . Alec seemed cold to me for the longest time and then you learn of his own demons so to speak and your heart goes out to him. I bonded with Isabelle because I found a lot of myself in her, a strong girl with a killer fashion sense..
The story, I must admit, took a turn I did not enjoy. I struggled my way through the second one because of it. Not to say it kept me from wanting to read more, actually it made me read much faster wanting to find out the truth. Half way through the third book I knew if I kept reading it would all be okay.
As much as I love Jace, Clary, Simon, Isabelle, Alec and yes, even Mangus, I hated Valentine with the same passion. He was a constant force in all three books, but without him, there wouldn't have been the twists and turns that were needed to keep you reading. These books have everything you can imagine in them....angels, fairies, vampires, werewolves ( which, shhhh don't let Flo know, I really liked ) undying friendship and a tragic love story , yet there was plenty of humor spread throughout the book to lighten the sometimes tragic mood.

By Teri

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