Friday, September 2, 2011

Die For Me by Amy Plum

Flo's Review
Die For Me is the story of Kate, a teenager who moves to Paris with her sister Georgia to live with their grandparents after their parents die. Kate finds herself drawn to a very attractive guy named Vincent, and the feeling is mutual. However, there is more to Vincent than meets the eye. Die For Me was a good book and a fast, easy read....however, it felt like I was reading Twilight revamped. Like how sometimes authors, after they have nothing else they can do with one group of characters and story lines, branches off with a companion series about the original casts' cousins or something. I mean, family of undead living together in big, awesome house? Check. Funny family member, displeased-with-being-dead family member, much older patriarch? Check. Most attractive undead family member falls for human girl and compromises family secret? Check. And on and on. There were even multiple times a variation of the line, "Thank goodness you're not dating a vampire!" was used, as if the book really needed to say, "I SWEAR I'm not Twilight! I swear!" But there were some differences, and the book comes alive (I love using puns and clever wording in reviews!) in these. First, author Amy Plum said that she set the story in Paris because it always felt magical to her and she wanted Kate and the reader to feel the same way. She succeeds. Second, I loved reading the relationship between Kate and her sister Georgia. They handled their grief differently and they had their disagreements, but they were always there for each other.  And finally, my favorite character Jules. I just can't resist a funny man charmer. Even an undead one.

I understand some of the similarities Flo mentioned above between Die for Me and Twilight, but this is also one of the few book since Twilight that I absolutely fell in love with.  Like Edward, Vincent is from another era and brings with him chivalry and respect.  While he thinks he is doing and saying everything all wrong, he is actually very well spoken and charming.  I enjoyed the fact that Kate was a strong character and did what she felt would enable her to persevere, which was a sharp contrast to Bella.  While I struggled with some of her decisions, I could understand why she made them based upon her recent past.  She didn't want to expose herself to any further loss or pain.

The characteristics that the revenants possessed were very original and the setting was nothing short of spectacular.  Vincent's kindred (family) each possessed such unique personalities and I enjoyed meeting each of them along with Kate.  There was just enough conflict and paranormal activity present to keep the pages turning while I longed to see how the relationship between Kate and Vincent would unfold. Now that she has earned his family's trust, I can't wait to see where things will lead in the second installment of this series.    

Mary's Review

Out of all 4 BookNerds I was the first to finish Die For Me.  I finished it in less than 2 days and this is what I have to say about it.....OH MY VINCENT!!!! I could not put this book down once I started it.  I could not stop wanting more of Kate and Vincent.  I began feeling so much pain for Kate for losing her parents and what a tragedy it was.  Then came Vincent and he was the perfect fit for Kate.  Now I did not feel the "Twilight" moment like other BookNerds; I felt that Vincent was nothing like Edward and Kate was MUCH STRONGER than Bella.  Also, with this book I felt more connected with Vincent and Kate.  There were three parts in the book where I actually cried my eyes out and there was one part that I actually had to put my Kindle down and walk out of the room to compose myself because I was so upset.  There have not been a lot of books like that for me.  The second I was done I tweeted Amy Plum and told her how much I loved the book and that I could not wait until the next one. Now I am counting down the days.

Tee's Review

Even without all of Mary's gushing about Die For Me, I knew I would enjoy this book. It has four things I love in a book....

1. An angel or in the case of Vincent, an angel like character
2. A dark bad boy
3.Gushy Romance
4.A funny sidekick character, in this case Jules

Amy Plum delivered all of them quite well in this book.  Surprisingly, I really liked the character of Kate. This is a change for me, I usually do not like the female heroine . They come off as weak and needy. I liked that Kate didn't take well to Vincent's life and what he was. Most of the YA girls in these types of books are all..." I don't care that you are a ( insert mythical being here)  or what could happen to me. I love you and I need you to protect me yada yada yada" Kate was like.." Umm no way dude, I can't handle that your this undead thing, I don't care that you are beautiful.." I liked that, but of course she gave in , but I give her kudos for trying. Now to Vincent, oh my, how can you not love him? First of all, we all know I have a thing for the bad boy, and tho Vincent isn't really a bad boy, so to speak, he has had an adventurous past. Second he has that almost angel type thing going on ( tho the whole sleeping dead thing for a few days was kinda creepy to me) and I love a Fallen boy, especially one that can hold his own with a sword. Third, he was soo romantic, I mean I swooned with the letter he wrote Kate, and her birthday surprise at the end of the book * faints*. He pulled out all the stops. So if you love the bad boy angel type that have a romantic side..this book is a definate read for you..

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