Monday, September 12, 2011

September Extravaganza - Week of Giveaways, Day I

The Half Life audiobook by Jennifer Weiner!

From Redbook’s Red-Hot Read series, a short story by the New York Times #1 best-selling author of In Her Shoes and Fly Away Home.

"My life is over," Piper DeWitt thinks to herself, awaiting departure in the overcrowded International Terminal of the Philadelphia airport for an overseas business trip, to romantic Paris no less. She watched as her husband, Tosh, put his own suitcase into the trunk of a taxi the day before. He’d been telling her for months that he wasn’t happy, and though she still wants to believe it is just a phase, after a call to her mother from the Admiral’s Club, she can no longer deny that he’s left her, left their home, left their four-year-old daughter in her mother’s sole care.

Piper met Tosh when she was only twenty-two, just the way self help books said she would – when she wasn’t looking. Now at forty, she wonders how, through all those years, they’d gotten to this place in their marriage. When her flight is canceled due to volcanic ash spreading from Iceland across Europe, and when a handsome stranger offers her an invitation to share a cab, she realizes she can take a departure from her own life. And after a day of living like a tourist in her own city, she hopes she can still find her way home...

TO WIN THIS PRIZE: Leave a comment telling us what our favorite Jennifer Weiner book. If you've never read any of her books, let us know why you want to read The Half Life. Don't forget to include your name & email address so we can contact the winner!


  1. I like the Guy Not Taken (but I have not finished it yet). I always love short stories.

  2. I love In Her Shoes : ) and Good In Bed is also hilarious!!

  3. I would love to read this because by reading the summary im already trying to guess how Piper life is going to turn out